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Our History

In late 2014, Gareth Williams pondered whether computer processors could be put to use whilst their owners slept; inspired by SETI, an organisation that searched for extra-terrestrial life. He wondered whether millions of processing cores could be harnessed to give companies access to ‘limitless compute’. In January 2015, YellowDog was launched to do just that.

Today, we have served customers in over 45 countries, with an extensive partner network across the globe.

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Our Technology

YellowDog is the cloud workload management company. Companies can provision computing resources, coordinate workload execution, handle data transport, and maintain complete visibility of all workloads, across all infrastructure, to deliver projects on time and on budget.

With YellowDog, businesses can accomplish more – without the manual effort – and focus on what they do best.

Latest News

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YellowDog Leadership Team

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Simon Ponsford

Founder and CSO

Alan Parry


Niall Kennedy


Allyson Morris

Finance Director
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YellowDog Press Enquiries

For media enquiries and assets please email or call +44 (0) 330 223 2499.

For any other requests, please visit the YellowDog Contact Page.

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