Accelerate your time to AI model deployment

We work closely with AI teams to ensure the optimum use of compute resource. Control costs, remain flexible and guarantee access to the resources you need to train and deploy.

Connect with all major compute providers simply and easily.

Cost control

Reducing the cost in dollars and energy

Natural language and AI models have brought compute consumption to the forefront of the global debate. They are incredibly expensive to train, and the greater number of parameters involved (complexity of the model), the higher that goes.

Scaled to the extreme, large language models such as ChatGPT can require as many as 175 billion parameters. Compute providers are struggling to keep up with demand and Gartner predicts that by 2025, “AI will consume more energy than the human workforce.”

Source: NVIDIA


Independence accelerates your time to market

Being unconstrained by cloud provider choice is a significant advantage for an AI company, giving more flexibility in choice of instance type and scale and increasing the speed of machine learning.

We enable AI teams to go multi-cloud from day one, accessing compute from all major providers and automatically provisioning based on price (spot pricing), machine type or even carbon footprint.

This can save up to 90% of costs, due to the irregular workloads and large amounts of data required for models to learn. With the added benefit of accessing free credits from all major providers (up to $100,000 per year per provider).


Accessibility for unpredictable models

AI models have traditionally been developed on GPU machines but this is beginning to change with AI-specific hardware. A clear challenge is accessing the right compute for model development and YellowDog locates all required compute as it becomes available (including GPU, FPGA and AI-specific cores).

We also work with on-premise resources for hybrid deployments. Our event-driven scheduling is able to automatically commence and complete tasks, without human interaction.


Choose YellowDog for limitless scalability

To demonstrate the power of our platform, we partnered with AWS to create and then take down one of the world’s biggest supercomputers in the cloud, in under an hour.

This included 1 million vCPUs working within seven minutes, showcasing how rapidly we enable technology companies to develop products and science.

Get expert advice on using compute for AI modelling

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