Optimise your compute infrastructure for financial simulations

Enabling customers to focus on their strengths: building investment positions, calculating risk and measuring performance.

Asset Manager

$15bn AUM

Hedge Fund

Use Cases

Compute infrastructure to power all your financial modelling and simulations

YellowDog’s easy to use platform and rapid onboarding means you can concentrate on performing tasks which are core to your business, rather than building infrastructure.


A single pane of glass to seamlessly manage on-premise and cloud compute

Using our Best Source of Compute algorithm, customers can be certain of making optimal use of the world’s compute (on-premise, any cloud, any region), based on workload requirements and preferences.

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Enhanced security across confidentiality, availability and integrity

YellowDog’s security by design approach encompasses a pull-based architecture, secure credential storage and robust access control features, reflecting our dedication to ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our platform and your data.

Supporting market leaders in finance.

Delivering a Fault-Tolerant Multi-Cloud Solution – Fulcrum Asset Management

Learn how YellowDog helped Fulcrum Asset Management implement a fault-tolerant multi-cloud solution to improve cost-efficiency and ensure business continuity.
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Workload Prediction and Grid Efficiency – Global Risk & Analytics Business

Learn how YellowDog helped a Global Risk and Analytics company improve its workload prediction and grid efficiency, to drive revenue and lower costs.
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Designing sustainable buildings globally with Hybrid-cloud

YellowDog worked closely with two researchers from UCL, in partnership with Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios, to run 354 million discrete simulations of the effect of weather conditions from 500 international locations.
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