Accelerate time to science and optimise R&D productivity

Taking a computational approach to Life Sciences research and Biotechnology speeds up time to discovery, optimises costs, and increases success rates.

YellowDog helps you maximise these benefits.

Trusted by leaders in Drug Discovery, Genomics and Medical Imaging.

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Pushing the limits of computational life sciences in the cloud

We worked with AMD and Google Cloud to produce this free guide to computational life sciences in the cloud.

The guide covers how to bring speed, scale and cost reduction into your cloud computing.

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Customer story

Accelerating drug discovery from one year to seven hours

OMass Therapeutics, a biotechnology company, achieved a 56.9% cost saving when it ran a large part of its drug discovery research pipeline – involving virtual screening of 337 million compounds – with YellowDog.

The 337 million compounds were analysed on 4,000 low-cost spot compute instances, taking a total of 7 hours. Using OMass’s existing setup, the same number of analyses would have taken a whole year. 

million compounds screened


cost saving achieved

Accelerate time to science and optimise R&D productivity

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