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We Bring Studios the Best Source of Compute

Bursty, CPU- and GPU-intensive rendering is putting more and more stress on Visual Effects and Animation studios across the globe.

With YellowDog, studios can meet their project deadlines with rapid access to whatever level of cloud and on-premise computing power they require, at the best cost efficiency for their business. Managed as a single system, YellowDog’s cloud workload management solution takes care of everything, while leaving the customer in complete control.

Getting the right machine, at the right price, from the right place. That’s when you know you’re getting the Best Source of Compute.

Our Solutions

Workload Acceleration

Rapidly scale and deploy compute-intensive rendering projects, on demand.

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Powerful Cloud Scheduling

Coordinate multiple, assorted third-party clusters, with one workload submission system.

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Intelligent Provisioning

Control costs with intelligent provisioning and make smarter decisions on infrastructure.

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Simple Cloud Onboarding

Rely on our expert team to transform your workload execution, completely hassle-free.

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“It has seamlessly integrated with our own in-house provision so our artists don't know if their shot was being rendered locally in our server room or on YellowDog's servers in a data centre thousands of miles away.”

Tom Box
Tom Box Co-founder, Blue Zoo Animation

“Having the YellowDog Platform there for us on demand really was priceless.”

Alex Sherwood
Alex Sherwood CEO, Giant Animation

“We know exactly how many machines we get, how many hours of rendering we can use, and how powerful every machine is, so we have total clarity on our available compute.”

Rob Walsh
Rob Walsh Head of Visualisation, PriestmanGoode

Our Platform

Deliver compute-intensive rendering projects on time and on budget with cloud native scheduling, multi-cloud access and on-premise efficiency.

  • Experienced cloud users can render projects at speeds never economically possible before.
  • New cloud users can get up and running quickly and easily, without needing specific cloud expertise to do so.
  • All users can benefit from the Best Source of Compute, to make smarter decisions on what resources are used.

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