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Multi-Cloud Render Platform

Accelerate CGI production delivery with the world’s only intelligent predictive scheduling and orchestration multi-cloud platform for rendering. Meet production deadlines and control budgets with YellowDog: the pedigree platform for your CGI render pipeline.

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Hybrid and Multi Cloud

Securely render with The YellowDog Platform: CPU or GPU high-powered machines from the world’s leading cloud providers. On-Premise, private, and public cloud power can be combined to deliver massive render scale when it is needed most.

Best Source of Compute

Choose, provision and control multiple cloud providers at a fixed price through a single API. Find the best source of compute for your render job and budget.

Predictive Scheduling

Control critical production delivery rates and render budgets with dashboard analytics, render logs, and dedicated specialist support teams.

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Installation Options

Every pipeline in visual special effects, animation, and visualisation is different. Some are perfectly suited to a quick install. Others require a consultative installation customised to production requirements. YellowDog has it all covered.

YellowDog Full Service

Fully-loaded with all the software studios require to render at scale. A suite of render tools including the YellowDog Plugin, YellowDog File Sync, and access to the YellowDog Platform.

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YellowDog Select Service

Render using the YellowDog Platform and multi-cloud access, but select only the features you need including the supply of your own software licenses and render manager.

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Multi-Cloud Render Platform Features

The YellowDog Plugin

Easily export scene files including all assets, references, and local render settings ready for transfer to YellowDog’s Platform.

The YellowDog Platform

Intelligently distributes frames from a shot or scene to selected sources of computing power. It also gives full visibility on render progress and budget consumption rate including predictive analytics on render times.

YellowDog File Sync

Transfers shots selected for rendering to and from the YellowDog platform. Simply upload scene assets and download rendered frames. This automation can also be achieved via a connector to an existing render manager in the studio.

Central asset repository

Securely stores production assets in the cloud to eliminate asset and shot upload delays in production.

Full Service Video Tutorials

The YellowDog Platform is designed to be secure, simple, and speedy. YellowDog Full Service can be set up within two minutes of creating an account and claiming a free trial. These video tutorials show you just how easy it is to render with YellowDog.

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YellowDog is ISO 27001 registered and certified. In April 2019, YellowDog was also audited and approved as ‘secure’ by Independent Security Experts (ISE) who undertake security audits for clients such as Disney.

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