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With access to over 10,000 global cloud instance types from all major providers (AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud and Alibaba Cloud), YellowDog Insights provides customers with detailed data on price, performance, energy efficiency and location availability.


These insights feed our ‘Best Source of Compute’ algorithm and can be embedded into your scheduling preferences to ensure you’re optimising for your specific workloads. Using our specialist strategies, your preferred cloud instances will always be used when available and automatically replaced if they are unavailable.

What Data Can I Access?

All major clouds

We track price, performance and sustainability data from all AWS, Google, Azure, Oracle and Alibaba instances

All major chipsets

A broad range of filters provides detailed data on the specific instances you care about

All data centres

You can specify the region or regions you're focused on for all analysis, from any international location

Insights Pro

Customers of the ‘Pro’ version of YellowDog Insights get access to unique benchmarking data across the whole cloud. Using benchmarks such as QuantLib and SysBench, all 9,000 global cloud instances available through YellowDog Platform have been benchmarked and ranked by price, benchmark score and price performance (best value for money).

This data can be baked into your requirements and preferences to enable automated decision-making of the YellowDog Scheduler.


Get Started with YellowDog Insights

Whether you’re looking for spot instances, high benchmark performance or are just looking for availability of specific machine types (ie GPUs), YellowDog Insights has the answers. Customers and partners can also request bespoke reports or benchmarking analysis through YellowDog Insights.

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