Take advantage of YellowDog through Nextflow

YellowDog is the most advanced Scheduler connected to Nextflow. As an Executor on the Seqera Platform, YellowDog enables Life Sciences companies of all sizes to optimise the compute on which workflows are run.

This can be on-premise, Hybrid-cloud or Multi-cloud. One integration gives access to any compute, on any public cloud and in any region

Trusted by leaders in Drug Discovery, Genomics and Medical Imaging.


Hybrid-cloud and Multi-cloud enabled

Nextflow users can now execute workflows on-premise and in different parts of the cloud, simultaneously. For example, if part of a workflow requires GPUs and these aren’t maintained on-premise, this can be run in the cloud (at the cheapest price) and non-GPU components can be run on-premise or in another part of the cloud.

This can be executed across all major cloud providers. Here’s how we supported Elem Bio through Hybrid-cloud deployment.

Customer story

Accelerating drug discovery from one year to seven hours

OMass Therapeutics, a biotechnology company, achieved a 56.9% cost saving when it ran a large part of its drug discovery research pipeline – involving virtual screening of 337 million compounds – with YellowDog.

The 337 million compounds were analysed on 4,000 low-cost spot compute instances, taking a total of 7 hours. Using OMass’s existing setup, the same number of analyses would have taken a whole year. 

million compounds screened


cost saving achieved


Highly scalable provisioning and scheduling

With intelligent scheduling and automated provisioning, YellowDog can build, deploy and tear down compute rapidly and automatically, depending on customer preferences.

Each workflow can have its own auto scaling requirements, determined in the Nextflow configuration. Users can set instance limits and YellowDog automatically handles the scaling up or down. 


Optimise to your preferences

Different organisations have different needs, challenges and priorities. You can choose to optimise your use of compute for cost, speed, scale or even carbon footprint (through YellowDog’s Eco Score).

With auto-scaling and provisioning, you’re able to utilise any resource that YellowDog provisions or connected on-premise resources, for multiple Nextflow pipelines.

Single Pane of Glass

Utilising YellowDog as an Executor enables users to access any compute type, any cloud and any region.

YellowDog’s algorithm ensures you’re optimising your usage, through preferences set by you or automatically chosen by YellowDog if you prefer. The platform has highly configurable DevOps and FinOps controls.

Accelerating Life Science discovery.

Developing virtual twin hearts with Hybrid Cloud – ELEM BioTech

YellowDog has worked closely with ELEM Biotech to grow their population of virtual twin hearts which can be used to test new devices and drug treatments in the human cardiovascular system.
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Accelerating Drug Discovery From One Year to Seven Hours – OMass Therapeutics

Learn how YellowDog helped OMass Therapeutics accelerate its drug discovery process from 1 year to 7 hours with an on-demand, 378,432 core supercomputer in the cloud.
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Rapidly Onboarding New Users to the Cloud – InterAx Biotech

Learn how YellowDog helped InterAx Biotech Ltd. get set up in the cloud within 7 hours of face-to-face consultations, to access on-demand high performance computing and accelerate its virtual screening process.
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Free guide

Pushing the limits of computational life sciences in the cloud

We worked with AMD and Google Cloud to produce this free guide to computational life sciences in the cloud.

The guide covers how to bring speed, scale and cost reduction into your cloud computing.

Download for free:

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