YellowDog believes there is already enough computer power in the world. But there is an imbalance between supply and demand.

Through its unique technology, YellowDog securely harnesses and monetises underutilised computer power, enabling organisations to deliver incredibly quickly and cost effectively, through leveraging this virtually unlimited power on demand.

YellowDog is effectively building the World’s fastest supercomputer.

There are multiple markets and applications. YellowDog has started with the computer graphics and 3D animation industry.

The next market YellowDog will address is enterprise Data Centre Systems and Public Cloud Management: the average enterprise server utilisation is between 5% & 15%, with 30% of servers deployed into data centres turned on and then never used.

By increasing the utilisation of these existing servers, and then carefully managing how applications burst to the public cloud YellowDog will deliver significant benefits to banks, broadcasters, media companies and advanced engineering firms.

YellowDog is ideally suited for batch processing, high-CPU or high-GPU load tasks.


Stress Testing

Ensuring stress tests always finish before the start of the working day. This enables trading begins at the start of each day rather than being delayed awaiting the finish of the tests.

Financial Modelling

More risk models can be run in the same time period leading to more precise modelled outcomes.

Advanced Engineering

Modelling for compliance tests.

Increased return on investment of existing capital equipment by running complex modelling on all the necessary existing server infrastructure.


Regression testing

Improve time to market by ensuring regression testing always finishes on time.

Extract Transform and Load

Reduce the cost implication of expanding and speeding up ETL processing by re-using existing server infrastructure before buying new servers.

Multiple Industries

Maximising capital investment.

Increase return on investment by fully utilising IT server infrastructure.

Overflow to secure public cloud during application burst.

Lower costs of public cloud use by efficiently bursting applications to the right and most cost effective public cloud.

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