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The Challenge

Although more businesses are using the cloud, for new users, the onboarding process can still be difficult.

Businesses are either faced with diverting time for employees to familiarise themselves with the process, or spending money on hiring in-house experts. Either option presents its limitations and comes with a potentially considerable investment of both time and money, especially when you factor in the speed at which the cloud market changes.

This is where the YellowDog Platform helps.

How the YellowDog Platform Assists with Cloud Onboarding


Benefit from a solution that can be up and running as quickly as possible, to avoid wasting time and resources on complicated set-up processes.


Effectively manage your computing resources, regardless of the cloud provider or type of workload, with an intuitive User Portal and developer-led SDKs.

Expert Support

If you encounter any issues, our expert team are on-hand, with extensive experience working in the cloud, across multiple verticals.

What the YellowDog Platform Delivers

With the ability to expand and contract computing clusters, according to your workload’s specific needs, the YellowDog Platform offers a truly on-demand cloud solution. You can run your processes with the touch of a button, getting the compute you need as and when you need it.

With automated provisioning, the Platform will use the most cost-effective resources, so you don’t have to bear the opportunity cost associated with doing this yourself. In addition to this, you can put in place allowances, to dictate which projects use which resources.

The fundamental benefit is that there isn’t a pre-requisite to use the cloud at a particular scale to ‘unlock’ these features. Take advantage of the value the Platform has to offer from the outset.

Accelerate Your Workloads Today

To book a demo of the YellowDog Platform, or to ask our team for further information, you're just a click away!

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