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The Challenge

Compute-intensive workloads are increasing in both number and complexity, putting more and more pressure on businesses. The variability of demand is difficult to accommodate and adding capacity is prohibitively expensive – especially for traditional high performance computing (HPC) workloads. With restrictive workload scheduling tools there is also the hidden challenge of having “fixed” compute that can be left idle or underutilised.

Introducing a solution that enables you to natively run compute-intensive and HPC jobs in the cloud. Where you can intelligently match computing resource – including lower cost Spot instances – with your workload’s variable needs, to avoid overspending on infrastructure. Where worker node numbers can dynamically change without the need to restart or redefine a job. Where a scheduler can intelligently adapt to failure, reassigning tasks if nodes fail or if Spot compute is reclaimed.

Introducing the YellowDog Platform.

How the YellowDog Platform Enables Workload Acceleration

To access the true scale of cloud, you need a solution that is flexible, on-demand, agile and resilient.


Access different machine types, from different regions around the world, to create composable clusters – aggregating the specific resources needed to deliver a workload.


Create clusters only when they are required. By terminating instances when tasks have completed, you avoid the opportunity cost that can occur when infrastructure is left idle.


Respond intuitively to the specific requirements of your workload, with infrastructure that can build clusters of varying sizes and expand and contract during workload execution.


Handle cloud outages or failures elegantly with a solution that uses alternative computing resources when needed, to always ensure delivery deadlines are met.

What the YellowDog Platform Delivers

With the YellowDog Platform you:

  • Power your innovations with the most scalable cloud native scheduling and provisioning technology.
  • Benefit from a workload manager that enables you to create HPC-like clusters, which are composable and consist of Spot lifecycle instances, to meet the varying demands of your computationally-heavy workloads.
  • Use the best computing resources available in the public cloud, at the best price.
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