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The Challenge

While cloud has the innate potential to reduce your computing costs, the market is complex and there is a huge amount of choice available. It can be difficult to know when you are using the best computing resource for your workload.

You must decide which workloads are suitable for which instances, which locations are in optimal proximity, which data centres offer the right level of security, and so on. If the wrong decision is made, you could end up with longer workload run times, regulatory and compliance issues, and mounting costs.

Imagine if you had a cloud solution that could automatically make these decisions for you. A solution that could find you the Best Source of Compute, for every workload.

Introducing YellowDog Sigma+.

How YellowDog Sigma+ Enables Intelligent Provisioning

Maintain complete control of your workloads with a solution that is intelligent, intuitive, resilient and scalable.


It is important to select the correct provisioning pattern for your workload. You can choose to select the exact instances you want with a static pattern, or you can give your broader constraints and preferences to guide an automated selection of instances using a dynamic pattern.


You may want to use a single instance or multiple. With multiple compute instances, you need to be able to choose whether you want to evenly split your resources across the instances you choose, or if you wish to rank each resource based on your preferences.


If you should encounter an issue or failure, you need a solution that can automatically maintain your instance count, to continue your workload with minimal interruption. This is especially important if you have chosen instances with Spot lifecycles.


To really benefit from cloud, your solution needs to be scalable. You need to be able to create clusters of different machine types, instance lifecycles and data centres.

What YellowDog Sigma+ Delivers

With a deep understanding of infrastructure and performance, from the leading public cloud providers, YellowDog Sigma+ helps businesses make smarter decisions about what infrastructure is used to deliver compute-intensive workloads.

The automated selection of compute based on data driven decisions, has the added benefit of continuous improvement. With the ability to look back at the decisions made, to compare actual compute used vs. the compute requested, you can identify the opportunity cost of not having the Best Source of Compute for your workloads.

This insight into compute usage can inform future provisioning strategies so that they can be homed in to take advantage of changing workload patterns, using both available compute and any new instance type coming online.

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