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YellowDog to provide $500K of free compute for Life Sciences and Carbon Impact innovation


YellowDog to provide $500K of free compute to support Life Sciences and Carbon Impact innovation projects

We’re delighted to announce that we’ll be providing $500,000 of free compute resource to selected teams (from across the research community, including within startups and SME’s) innovating towards a breakthrough in either Life Sciences or Carbon Impact reduction. 

In the past we’ve worked with Life Sciences companies like OMass Therapeutics to massively accelerate and expand their drug discovery process using cloud compute from 1 year to 7 hours; and InterAx Biotech who accessed on-demand high performance computing within hours of signing up and accelerated their virtual screening process.

Now we’re looking for further projects to support that have the potential to revolutionise healthcare or lower carbon impact by providing the compute resource required to fuel their research at scale. 

This research can take place any time between 15th January – 15th April and will be facilitated through our software with support from our team. All we require is that interested companies submit a brief summary of their project below and we will be in touch with the selected company(s) to facilitate the next steps.

Please complete the form below giving us a sense of your project, the approach and the intended outcomes, with detail on how this will advance the field of Life Sciences or Carbon Impact reduction. Submissions will be assessed (and onboarding will begin) on a first-come, first-served basis and must be completed before the end of January to be considered.


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