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YellowDog enables Nextflow users to go Hybrid and Multi-Cloud


Bristol, UK – 8th November – YellowDog, a provider of world-leading Cloud Scheduling technology, is pleased to announce a strategic technology integration with Nextflow, a Life Sciences workflow product owned by Seqera Labs. The partnership will significantly improve the way Life Sciences companies using Nextflow manage compute workloads, enabling them to leverage YellowDog’s cutting-edge Scheduling technology to accelerate time to results and improve scalability in scientific discovery.

Life Sciences companies rely heavily on compute-intensive tasks such as genomics research, drug discovery, and data analysis. Managing these demanding workloads efficiently is vital to the success of these organisations. The integration of YellowDog’s Scheduling technology with Nextflow will provide a seamless solution for these companies, offering increased control, scalability, and optimisation of their computational resources.


YellowDog is one of multiple ‘Executors’ connected to Nextflow, these are product integrations which allow users to choose where they processes are run and how. There are currently 20 Executors connected to Nextflow but YellowDog is the only one which enables users to go both Multi-cloud (utilising cloud compute from all major providers simultaneously) and Hybrid-cloud (utilising on-premise and cloud compute simultaneously, ensuring the highest level of optimisation possible.

In addition, the YellowDog Scheduler enables the unique feature of direction different workflows at different types of compute (i.e. some may require GPUs in the cloud for scale and some may on-premise resource for latency reasons).

Working together, YellowDog and Nextflow enable Life Sciences companies of all sizes to scale rapidly, optimise compute utilisation, accelerate time to insight and seamlessly move between compute resources.  

Bruce Beckloff, CEO of YellowDog, commented: “We are thrilled to join forces with Seqera Labs and the Nextflow product. This integration will empower Life Sciences companies to take full advantage of YellowDog’s innovative Scheduling technology, ensuring they remain at the forefront of their respective fields. We believe this partnership will be a game-changer for computational research in Life Sciences.”


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