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YellowDog partners with AMD to provide hybrid and multi-cloud capability


We’re delighted to announce that we’ve partnered with multinational semiconductor company AMD to provide its customers with hybrid and multi-cloud capability.

  • Organisations seeking to use AMD EPYC™ based instances in the cloud now have access to YellowDog’s secure, multi-cloud management platform and sustainability index
  • YellowDog enables customers to optimise cloud workloads effectively according to cost, scale, region and security requirements
  • The collaboration allows YellowDog customers to move partly or wholly to the cloud with any of the major cloud service providers

YellowDog, a pioneer in cloud computing, today announced a new collaboration with AMD on solutions for customers moving their workloads partly or wholly to the cloud. This technology partnership will enable YellowDog customers on instances powered by AMD EPYC processors to accelerate their cloud deployments, taking advantage of the performance benefits of AMD data centre technologies deployed both on-premise and with any of the major cloud service providers.

Earlier this year YellowDog announced it created one of the world’s largest secure cloud clusters to date, with 123,000 vCPUs, using 1,100 Google Cloud C2D virtual machines powered by 3rd Gen AMD EPYCTM processors. Using the YellowDog Platform, the new Confidential Virtual Machines (CVMs) with additional encryption security features saw equal performance with and without the additional security switched on.

“Our technology partnership provides YellowDog customers with increased access to the impressive price-performance, scalability and security features of AMD EPYC processors into their compute-intensive cloud workloads,” said Lynn Comp, corporate vice president, Cloud Business, AMD. “YellowDog is driving new opportunities for customers to embrace sustainability-focused compute and increase energy efficiency of cloud instances while accelerating time to value.”

YellowDog’s Platform utilises compute provisioning and scheduling technology which automates the deployment of compute-intensive workloads across any cloud and hybrid environments.  Cloud pricing varies radically across the globe, but YellowDog understands this variability and enables customers to scale quickly within their budgets. It allows customers to take advantage of the cheapest instances, known as Spot, which can save 60% to 90% on standard on-demand or pre-emptive instances, whilst still minimising environmental impact.

The YellowDog Index is the definitive guide to the ever-changing cloud landscape. This independent visualisation of the market will help YellowDog customers navigate cloud complexity by organising offerings from public cloud providers. Cost, performance, processor type, geographic location and data centre renewable energy scores are just a few of the attributes that can be viewed and filtered with this Index.

Simon Ponsford, CTO of YellowDog said, “We see a growing number of customers seeking to expand their compute options to speed up time to results or time to science. They want the flexibility and scalability that cloud offers but increasingly need to consider cost and sustainability. We are delighted to be working with AMD to make our high performance, energy efficient cloud instances easily accessible to customers.”

The multi-year technology partnership between AMD and YellowDog will give customers access to the YellowDog Platform, allowing full use of the high performance and energy efficient capabilities AMD EPYC processors offer across multiple cloud vendors.

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