We will be revealing a world-first look at Finovate Europe 2018 into YellowDog On Premise, which promises to solve the big batch processing problems that cause inefficiencies and escalating costs across Financial Services.

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Solving the slow running of complex risk models, stress tests, and complex quantitative analyses, our technology accelerates batch processes. We enable them to securely run on the underutilised servers within an organisation – and if that isn’t enough compute to deliver the batch processes on time, YellowDog can securely burst workloads to the Cloud using cutting edge algorithms that leverage latent computer power while controlling costs.

Our founder and CEO Gareth Williams, who will be revealing the live demo at Finovate Europe 2018, said: “YellowDog On Premise will make a genuine and tangible difference to the way that Financial Services can operate. We’re building a world where people can do more, create more, explore more; unleased from their limited computing power. Our unique technology is more flexible than virtualisation, more resilient than high performance compute clusters, cheaper to deploy than hyperconvergence, and is naturally vendor agnostic.”

We’re proud that over the past three years, we have transformed the CGI rendering industry with our Limitless Compute Platform and amazing algorithms. With over 1,000 businesses signed up to our YellowDog platform in more than 30 countries, we are scaling up and out to disrupt Financial Services industries with our award-winning technology – and perhaps another win is on its way!

Finovate Europe 2018 is the perfect platform to reveal our unique technology. With over 1400 Financial Services industry experts attending, many will be looking to discover the next advancement in technology that will have real world benefits for them and their customers. With cryptocurrency, AI, and Big Data topics to be discussed, nothing like YellowDog’s technology opportunity currently exists in the marketplace.

Our very own Simon Ponsford, CTO at YellowDog, will be demonstrating YellowDog live at Finovate Europe 2018 alongside Gareth, and said: “We are giving the Financial Services world the opportunity to significantly speed up complex processes without any the need for any investment in their existing infrastructure, something that is previously unthought-of. YellowDog On Premise gives banks, investment organisations, and other Financial Services companies the ability speed up their decision making and ensure that no one is ever waiting for a batch process to finish ever again.”

If you want to learn more about YellowDog, or organise a meeting with Gareth at Finovate Europe 2018, contact YellowDog here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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