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YellowDog and Post Logic Partner to Expand Cloud Rendering Technology in France


YellowDog and Post Logic today announced their partnership. This is a major boost to the French Animation and Visual Effects industry which will now benefit from increased access to YellowDog’s award-winning multi-cloud render platform.

Trusted French Post-Production Partner

Adding YellowDog’s Cloud Rendering solution to their 3D product suite, Post Logic bolster their reputation for supplying innovation to the brightest studios in France.

Post Logic are the local, go-to partner for animation, visual effects, and post-production studios in France. They are a trusted supplier with over twenty years of experience supplying and supporting customers including: Mac Guff, Digital District, Superprod, Cube, Unit Image, TAT Studio…

Global Supplier of Cloud Rendering

YellowDog is a global supplier of leading multi-cloud technology – accelerating 3D productions for customers and offering intelligent insight into the performance of rendering infrastructure on-demand.

YellowDog customers harness the unrivalled computing power of multi-cloud whilst maintaining complete control of their infrastructure environment. This is achieved via seamless integrations with leading render managers such as OpenCue, Deadline, and Tractor.

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The French Animation Film Market

France is credited with creating some of the earliest animations in the world. Today, France is the biggest producer of animated features in Europe. France also boasts its French Animation Schools Network, RECA, which contributes to the runway of French talent, sought after worldwide, in Media & Entertainment production.

Was Animation Born in France?

The world’s first cartoon , ‘Fantasmagorie’ was created by in France by Émile Cohl in 1908. Over a century later and France continues to be at the forefront of the industry with its schools network, funding, and production quality.

French Animation Market State Support

State support for the animation sector in France is a major factor in its success: theatrical animated features from French producers are eligible for national tax credits. The CNC provides automatic financial aid on features and other selected productions.

Crucially, France also has a generous tax rebate scheme for international productions (TRIP). Studios are entitled to 30% of the qualifying expenditures incurred in France, which can total a maximum of $33.3m (USD) per production.

Studios Benefit from Localised Support and Global Infrastructure

The partnership between YellowDog and Post Logic means that French studios can work with the Post Logic team to integrate YellowDog into their render pipelines. Moreover, studios can now render animation and visual effects from their local premises, at massive scale and speed, whilst benefiting from the French state tax incentives that have been a cornerstone of success in the industry for decades.

YellowDog Founder and CEO, Gareth Williams said: “The contribution that French artists have had on the world – particularly in animation in the last century – is massive. I’m most excited by this partnership because French studios can access leading infrastructure for animation rendering whilst benefiting from state support for productions, ensuring sustained growth in 2020 and beyond.

Post Logic Business Manager, Ludovic Gaujal commented: “With an increased demand for 3D content creation for animated series, feature films or advertising, and improved image quality impacting render times, our customers are looking for alternatives to traditional local rendering solutions to optimize budgets and respond to peaks in production.

We look forward to working with YellowDog’s team to provide our customers, animation and post-production studios with new, simplified hybrid and multi-cloud rendering solutions that combine the flexibility of the cloud with no IT constraints.

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