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We Bring Studios the Best Source of Compute

Bursty, CPU- and GPU-hungry rendering is putting more and more stress on Visual Effects and Animation studios across the globe.

We give studios access to the Best Source of Compute for 3D rendering. Studios intelligently and seamlessly manage compute for cloud rendering using our cloud agnostic and studio driven technology solution.  

No cloud vendor lock in means studios use YellowDog to truly optimise cloud processing power, at hyper-elastic scale, with measured cost control.

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Getting the right machine, at the right price, from the right place.

That’s when you know you’re getting the Best Source of Compute!

Studio Pipeline Solutions

Whether you're looking to scale, control, or optimise rendering in your studio, there's a solution for your pipeline. Click a solution below to learn more.

YellowDog Sigma

Scale infrastructure to meet critical production deadlines.

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YellowDog Assura

Leverage the Best Source of Compute to increase performance and/or reduce costs.

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YellowDog Optima

Use advanced machine learning to accurately predict future production requirements.

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Our Studio Customers

Our technology is fuelling growth for a range of creative studios rendering visual effects, 3D animation, architectural visualisation, automotive design, immersive experience and more.

“With YellowDog, we can render on hundreds of multi-thread Oracle bare metal machines, tracking progress along the way and reducing our retake percentage because we have full visibility of render logs, preview frames, and support from the YellowDog team. Suddenly, seemingly impossible deadlines can be met.”

Darren Hyland Head of Pipeline / Brown Bag Films

“We provide a fixed monthly payment and spread it evenly throughout the year – irrespective of our peaks and troughs on the slate. We know exactly how many machines we get, how many hours of rendering we can use, and how powerful every machine is, so we have total clarity on our available compute.”

Rob Walsh Head of Visualisation / PriestmanGoode

“We could send off renders at 9pm and have them downloaded back to us, without any dropped frames, by the following morning. ”

Andy Thomas Head of Visualisation EMEA / AECOM

“YellowDog laid on customised solutions...[and]...we made the seemingly impossible, possible. We delivered top results and met our deadline.”

Mart Knox Head of Studio / M2Animation

“In the end, we were using hundreds of their machines with dual Nvidia Tesla P100s. YellowDog has incredible GPU cloud rendering capabilities.”

Eric Gervais-depres Co-Founder / nGenious

“With a regular cloud provider, you’re responsible when things go wrong. With YellowDog, they take care of it. If you don’t want risk, go with YellowDog. ”

Uel Hormann Head of VFX / LIPSYNC Post

“It has seamlessly integrated with our own in-house provision so our artists don’t know if their shot was being rendered locally in our server room or on YellowDog’s servers in a datacentre thousands of miles away. ”

Tom Box Co-Founder / Blue Zoo Animation

“The file upload and scheduling system is great and it’s perfect for downloading rendered frames smoothly. It’s very simple. Simple is good when other aspects of the pipeline can be so complex.”

Will Jeffers Head of 3D / Ambassadors

Case Studies

Delve deeper into the experiences of just a handful of our customers.

Supported Render Software

Find out how we can support your pipeline today.

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