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YellowDog and Storm FX Partner to Accelerate Cloud Rendering in Australia and New Zealand’s Booming Animation and Visual Effects Industry


Today marks the beginning of YellowDog’s partnership with Storm FX. The creative industries in Australia and New Zealand are hungry for ways to increase production as demand for original content grows. With YellowDog’s award-winning multi-cloud render platform, studios can access that extra boost needed to produce on budget content faster than ever before.

Delivering Technology Solutions that Power Australia and New Zealand’s Creative Industries

Storm FX are a renowned provider of technology solutions to the Media & Entertainment and Visualisation Industries. They optimise their customers’ IT infrastructures by providing world class software, hardware, consulting and technical services. They build strong relationships to create industry leading projects that help their customers achieve their business goals.

Established in 1991, Storm FX have worked with some of the largest players in the game, including: ILM, Pixar, Flying Bark, Weta Digital, Animal Logic and Luma Pictures, to name a few.

Global Supplier of Cloud Rendering

YellowDog supports the growth of creative studios by giving them access to the Best Source of Compute for CGI rendering with their leading multi-cloud technology.

Customers can harness unrivalled computing power, maintain complete control of their computing infrastructure, ensure full end-to-end security and deliver on budget with YellowDog. Studios can scale their workloads seamlessly, with no cloud vendor lock-in and integrations with leading render managers, such as OpenCue, Deadline, and Tractor.

Internationally Celebrated Creative Communities

Australia and New Zealand boast internationally celebrated creative communities; their Media & Entertainment and Visualisation Industries are thriving. With varied, stunning filming locations and a pool of world-class talent, they are a top choice for blockbuster films such as, The Hobbit, Jumanji: The Next Level and Aquaman.

Investing in the Creative Economy

State support for the creative industries, in Australia and New Zealand, is a key driver for their continual growth. Studios can make the most of Post-production, Digital and Visual Effects (PDV) Offsets, which can be worth either 30% of qualifying expenditure in Australia, or  20% Qualifying New Zealand Production Expenditure (QNZPE).

This gove­rnmental support makes both locations particularly attractive for animated and VFX features. It shows a recognition that the creative economy plays an important role in technological advancement, cultural diversity and social inclusion.

In addition, through this partnership, studios can leverage these benefits on all YellowDog orders, making it more compelling than ever to invest in innovation.

Taking the Creative Industries in Australia and New Zealand to the Next Level

Storm FX are constantly thinking “what’s next?” They recognise the industry is evolving all the time and to deliver the highest quality solutions for their customers they need to evolve in step. They have demonstrated their dynamism already by adding VR and AR capabilities to their roster. Their next step is to expand their cloud rendering offering by integrating their customers with YellowDog’s multi-cloud render platform.

The combined force of YellowDog’s global solution and Storm FX’s local expertise, will enable studios in Australia and New Zealand to meet industry demands and deliver more original content than ever before. With the incentives offered by generous tax offsets, the creative community will continue to go from strength to strength.

"This partnership signifies the resilience of the Media & Entertainment and Visualisation Industries in dynamic market conditions. It showcases how there is always appetite to invest in innovation and creativity. I’m excited to see how YellowDog’s multi-cloud technology and Storm FX’s industry knowledge, can support the creative economy in Australia and New Zealand for years to come.” YellowDog Founder and CEO, Gareth Williams
We always look for new innovative products to help our artists and studios reach new limits. Having YellowDog’s unique cloud rendering offering added to our portfolio enables us to provide the best in class solutions to our local creative community.

We are excited about this cooperation and we look forward to this long-term partnership with YellowDog. Storm FX Managing Director, Martin Leibowitz

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