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From Then to Now: 3 Years Old This Week


Happy birthday YellowDog! We’re officially 3 years old this week and, to celebrate, here’s a few insights into how things have changed in that time.

Work location

Then: At home. In my loft. With one chair.

Now: In Engine Shed, Bristol. An amazing Grade 1 listed building built by Brunel. We have a four-room office with 26 chairs (not all mine).


Then: It was a collection of index cards arranged as a product backlog on the wall.

Now: Multi-award winning and market-leading product. Sweet!


Then: 0

Now: 1,192 studios and facilities signed up to our platform from all over the world.

Who we help

Then: 3D Animators & Artists

Now: 3D Animators & Artists, VFX Artists, analysts and quantitative analysts in investment banks…

Source of compute

Then: Mobile phones & student laptops.

Now: ISO27001 data centres, the public cloud, and enterprise businesses (for their own use).

Amount of compute

Then: My dual-core laptop.

Now: It’s limitless…

Company name

Then: Groudly (I know).

Now: YellowDog.


Then: Me.

Now: There are now 17 of us in two amazing teams: one in the UK and one in Lithuania. And we’re recruiting for more. Check out our vacancies.

Twitter followers

Then: 0

Now: 872 (thank you!)

My photo


Gareth Williams YellowDog founder


Gareth Williams, founder of YellowDog

Amount of funding raised

Then: £0

Now: £2.8m

Number of blogs written

Then: 0

Now: 16 (including this one), with 3D tips, case studies, and industry insight from others in the team.

Number of times on the national News at 10

Then: 0

Now: Once.

Team photo


Gareth Williams YellowDog founder


YellowDog team

Awards won

Then: 0

Now: 4 (plus we’re on the Disrupt SW Index!)

Wife’s name

Then: Michelle.

Now: Michelle. (thankfully!).


I can’t wait to see what YellowDog, and I, will look like in another 3 years.


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