Our CEO and founder, Gareth Williams, appeared on ITV News’ 10pm show last night speaking about the challenges of recruiting high quality talent in a marketplace that we are creating as it expands.

In a guest segment with Rupert Evelyn, the South West correspondent for ITV News, Gareth shared his view that hiring outstanding people for every role – whether it be sales, customer service, or our technology itself – can be difficult when some of the core skills of coding and business are not in ready supply.

Filmed in Engine Shed, a place that generates and encourages innovation through collaboration and networks, we gave Rupert Evelyn a tour of SETsquared and the YellowDog offices, giving him a snapshot of what an exponentially growing scale up looks like in practice. Our office may have looked half empty on screen, but as our growth plans are to double in size in 2018, we are planning for the future based on an incredibly successful year.

In a conversation that spanned our teams in the UK and Lithuania, coding clubs for children, and the future skills gap without women, ethnic minorities, and those from different backgrounds, Gareth shared his vision of a company that is not only diverse but inclusive.

Of course, this is not the first time that Gareth has spoken about his dream for YellowDog; when the company was included on the Disrupt South West list, he challenged people that “more diverse role models within tech would help increase diversity”, and this opportunity to feature on primetime national news and speak about his passion for inclusivity through recruitment was simply too good to miss.

You can discover more about Gareth’s business philosophy here, and discover what we were up to in India this autumn here.

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