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What Makes a Business Successful? PwC Scale Up


YellowDog founder Gareth explains why he’s excited about YellowDog joining PwC’s Scale up Programme and asks what, exactly, can help to make a business successful.

“What makes a new business successful? Is it a knock-out product? The quality of the team? The calibre of its leadership? Outstanding sales execution? Brilliant marketing? Clear KPIs? An intricate business plan? Hard work? Sheer good luck?

As with most questions, I think the answer is most likely ‘it depends’. Each factor influences the others as well as many more. That said, I do think there are a number of things that increase the chance of success for a new enterprise:

  • A clear vision and purpose that aids decision making and aligns the team and stakeholders in the same direction.
  • A quality and resilient (i.e. bloody minded?) founding team.
  • A well networked and supportive ecology in which to exist.

For the last three years, YellowDog has been resident at Engine Shed – the heart of the start-up community in Bristol. Businesses that have passed through Engine Shed, and the start-up incubator located there, SETsquared, are the royalty of start-ups in the South West. Present company included!

As well as the wonderful workshops that help you realise that you don’t know what you don’t know, there are experienced Entrepreneurs in Residence who provide a shoulder to cry on and a stick to poke you into action with, plus countless networking and pitching events; all these are key elements to Engine Shed’s success. From investors, to business support companies, to finding your team: as soon as you ask people in Engine Shed for advice, there are suddenly multiple options for people for you to speak to. Without this network, YellowDog wouldn’t be where it is today.

This is why I’m excited about YellowDog joining PwC’s Scale Programme.

This prestigious inclusion gives us pitching workshops and access to PwC experts on tax, business planning, international expansion, and scaling your business. The biggest value for me though, is the access to PwC’s network: investors and enterprise customers.

YellowDog is entering a new stage in its journey as we take our platform to new markets. With PwC’s support through its Scale programme, I’m very much looking forward to us making a big impact quickly.”

What’s coming up?

Click the links below to browse and select tickets for PwC Scale events.

Executive Evening 1st March  – Open to all senior executives interested in innovation.

Investor Event 29th March – Open to all investors interested in Enterprise software and B2B technology.

Showcase Evening 12th April – Open to executives, investors, and the wider community.


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