Yesterday our CEO and founder, Gareth Williams, was let off the leash and allowed to trek over to Rockbeare Manor near Exeter to pitch at the Tech South West ‘Best of the West’ event.

Joined by twelve other leaders, entrepreneurs, and tech visionaries from all over the South West – with one even coming as far as St Ives! – the afternoon was a brilliant chance to see the wealth and breadth of South West technical expertise.

Gareth’s pitch focused not so much on what we do, but why we do it. Opening with our belief in #LimitlessCompute, he described the challenges that face VFX and animation companies around the world, and why we believe that these problems can not only be solved, but no longer need to exist.

“It was a privilege to share our vision and goals with so many leading entrepreneurs and members of the South West Tech Community,” said Gareth. “I hope that this spirit of sharing and collaboration grows throughout the South West, to enable stronger innovation and the ability to take our pioneering businesses global.”

Other pitchers included Anne McCrossan from Visceral Business (the woman who literally wrote the book), Pete Stirling from Dashboard, and Gosbert Chagula from Exeter City Futures, with nine other radicals sharing their vision not only for their business, but for the growth of the tech sector in the South West too.

The day was hosted by Toby Parkins and Dan Pritchard, the focus rested not just on the individual companies who attended on the day, but also the wider challenges that faced the area as a cluster of tech growth. Retaining high quality people, developing a working culture that balances innovation and quality of life, and ensuring women grow and flourish in a typically male dominated environment were all discussed.

Wishing you had been there to discover just why we believe in #LimitlessCompute? You’re in luck: we wrote a whole blog post about it. Read it here.

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