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Sohonet and YellowDog Get Connected


Studios can now connect to YellowDog with Sohonet

YellowDog’s latest partnership with an industry leader brings a whole host of new speed capability to YellowDog customers in media and entertainment.

Sohonet is the largest private network optimized for media and it is renowned for its speed. VFX facilities, post houses, and animation studios at the heart of the UK media and entertainment industry can now access YellowDog’s ultra modern, high performance, high availability CPU and GPU render nodes with super-low latency.

YellowDog founder, Gareth Williams said: “Studios can access the benefits of cloud rendering with YellowDog without the hassle of transferring all their assets first. Best of all, connection requires very few pipelines changes which has been the YellowDog approach from day one. Coupled with our unique capacity, speed capability, and robust security, I’m very excited by this latest development and partnership.”

Find out more about YellowDog rendering

Contact the render team for more information on Sohonet connectivity

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