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Render Faster, Better and Easier


Friends. We all need them and, at times, none more so than at work. That special someone that understands your needs with a trusty, friendly face and is totally reliable, never letting you down, always there, especially in terms of crisis.

Step up, YellowDog, the best friend to 3D animators and CGI experts. Animation, VR and CGI projects often have unseen obstacles in their path but rendering let down is not one of them when YellowDog has got your back. As expected from a best friend, the YellowDog rendering service never lets you down.

Always powerful, always supportive

YellowDog increased productivity for Giuseppe Lo Schiavo, a specialist in architectural 3D visualisation. The YellowDog servers are so powerful, they’re almost two times faster than his workstation. This means that Giuseppe can work on various projects at the same time, resulting in a load more work fit to finish. Not only that, he really rates the helpful and informative service he gets from the render champs:

“The support I receive from YellowDog is very professional and efficient; the guys are knowledgeable and they know what they’re talking about. They genuinely care about their customers; I can contact them outside of normal working hours and they will always be available by phone or email to offer help at any given time.”

The YellowDog team are full of enthusiasm for what they do and they want everyone they meet to enjoy it too. Ever willing to please, the team do whatever it takes to care for their customer’s needs; continually on hand to find solutions and always happy to provide advice. This is a hound that knows his bone from his boneos.

Dependable, at no extra cost

YellowDog provide sheer computer power to generate and render big projects at a reasonable cost, getting renders out of the door under tight deadlines. Darren Crockett, Managing Director at DO Digital Realities, noted how the service stands out in pricing with its flexible approach and the visibility to see what is rendering at a given time. Here’s why he’s proud to call the lovable pup his best friend:

“I know I can rely on YellowDog for superfast rendering, enabling my guys to render and re-render, quickly and easily evaluating images. We recently delivered an 8000 frame HD project and the turnaround time was exceptional. Plus, it’s so simple and easy to use, the price generator helps us to understand our costs and we count YellowDog as an extension of our team – digging in and helping out when our projects demand it.”

The best friend qualities continue as loyal customers count on YellowDog to meet last minute demands; from requesting the highest possible power for a speedy finish to running renders at the most cost effective setting. YellowDog is easy to work with, easy to do business with, and they’re products are easy to use. Woof!

Make YellowDog your 3D render best friend

Do you need a render service that has all of your best friend’s top qualities? Drop us a line or pick up the phone (0330 223 2499) to let us know what projects are causing you rendering angst. Hundreds of studios and freelancers have already joined YellowDog, it’s time to discover how the pick of the litter could help you too.

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