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Well Respected Industry Analyst Firm Rates Our Innovative Use of Cloud


Ovum, the market-leading research and consulting business, recently reviewed and highly rated YellowDog’s innovative use of cloud and crowdsourcing to accelerate and improve rendering processes.

“There is much to admire in the YellowDog platform, particularly the ability to break down jobs into smaller parts, meaning customers’ rendering jobs can be executed quickly, correctly, predictably, and in a cost-effective manner. YellowDog are a great example of innovation in the industry.” commented Tim Jennings, Chief Research Officer at Ovum.

“It’s brilliant to receive recognition as an innovator by one of the world’s leading industry experts, an accolade indeed. The team at YellowDog are revolutionising the on-demand computer market for power hungry rendering applications and loving every minute of the journey. For our customers to love the service we offer just as much is a really great feeling.” Gareth Williams, Founder at YellowDog expresses his delight.

Here is our crunched summary of the review.

YellowDog was an early adopter of Oracle’s high-performing Bare Metal Cloud Services

Ovum’s experts are uniquely qualified, offering business intelligence focused on helping digital service providers and their vendor partners thrive in the connected digital economy. YellowDog caught Ovum’s eye when they completed an evaluation of Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services, determining that Oracle is delivering the ultimate level of cloud infrastructure performance by a significant margin – the cloud services were at least twice, and sometimes up to ten times as efficient as its existing providers for 3D-rendering tasks. Fitting with the rendering needs of YellowDog’s customers, the use of the cloud has translated into increased performance and reduced costs, thus they made the decision to offer Oracle within their product.

Ovum acknowledges that 3D rendering is a compute-intensive process, prone to complexity. Despite improvements in management tools and automation, customers still have to deal with a wide variation of services problems. Solutions such as on-site render farms or using bothersome third parties are not cost-effective or manageable, having unpredictable performance with unclear total costs and frequent rendering errors. Here Ovum recognises YellowDog’s innovative platform that is being disruptive.  Spanning multiple public cloud and private compute sources, workflows can be implemented that meet all of the needs, and more, for the customer.

Ovum commends YellowDog on identifying an opportunity to exploit underused compute capacity

YellowDog is a pro at understanding the business and technical challenges of the rendering process, resulting in its easy-to-use portal simplifying the workflow, adjusting the compute power and enabling up front costs and predicted times for their job. The jobs can even be monitored through the rendering process, with extensive quality checks, to ensure that there is no data corruption during transfer and no dropped frames. Ovum is impressed with the contrast to other prevailing services, where customers often have to manage the workflow for themselves, and where quality issues were common. The YellowDog platform supports all of the popular graphic design applications and render engines, including Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, V-Ray, Redshift, and Corona. And the YellowDog team take care of all of the software licensing issues for these applications as part of the service too.

 YellowDog impressed Ovum with their end-to-end automation of the rendering process

Although the rendering process is a technically complex one, Ovum applauds the YellowDog platform for hiding the complexities from the customer; with each rendering job broken up into small discrete chunks. Ultimately YellowDog impressed Ovum with how cloud technology, innovative thinking and a dynamic team can enable a young company to quickly establish a global reach and scale.

Be sure to look out for the YellowDog platform being applied to other compute-intensive tasks like deep-learning algorithms in AI soon.

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