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ISE Certify YellowDog


European cloud technology leader, YellowDog takes industry ‘first’ for cloud rendering security:

  • ISE accreditation awarded to YellowDog as digital piracy costs continue to snowball, and the industry focuses on international content and data security
  • YellowDog has become the first fully secure rendering platform of its kind in Europe
  • A rigorous ISE security test was unable to breach any vulnerabilities within YellowDog’s platform

Data leaks in the industry

As massive media and entertainment leaks hit global headlines this year, YellowDog, the only intelligent cloud-based rendering, management and orchestration platform, has become the first European cloud rendering company to receive accreditation from the Independent Security Evaluators (ISE).

The announcement comes at a time when high profile content leaks such as The Avengers and Game of Thrones are increasingly drawing the attention of the entertainment industry to concerns over how to best protect digital content.

ISE Accreditation

ISE accreditation is particularly pivotal within Media and Entertainment as one of the few industries with a vital interest in protecting data as an asset and where commercial success relies heavily on ensuring exclusive content is locked up behind water-tight security until ready for release.

It is estimated that media piracy will cost the entertainment industry £41 billion* in lost revenues by 2022. As such, YellowDog’s intelligent software has been specifically designed to mitigate the risk and associated costs of piracy and data breaches. YellowDog is therefore continuing to monitor and evolve the platform as increasing challenges to security arise, to ensure its position in the cloud rendering market.

From the viewpoint of a hostile attacker, the assessment used advanced automated tools and manual tests to identify vulnerabilities within the YellowDog platform that could lead to the compromise of assets or user information, disrupt its service, or leverage the systems for other attacks. The ISE were unable to breach any potential vulnerabilities.

The business’ latest move, in securing ISE accreditation continues to raise the bar amongst European tech vendors looking to partner with global enterprises such as Disney and puts UK businesses and European secure cloud rendering processes firmly on the map alongside US and overseas competitors. The Financial and Aerospace industries are other examples of where data protection and security is at the forefront of concerns among tech partners and the security of cloud processing is of the highest importance.

Simon Ponsford, CTO of YellowDog, said:

There is no point in developing a world-beating solution if it is not secure. It won’t even get a foot in the door if it is susceptible to interference. As a tech platform, we are finding that security requirements are rightly becoming more demanding – both in terms of regulatory compliance and as a minimum benchmark for suitability. Whether its media and entertainment rendering services or data management for financial services, tech platforms need to make sure that first and foremost they are secure and protected from any threats.

We hope that by putting a first foot forward with ISE accreditation, the rest of the UK rendering industry will follow suit. Should that happen, it would pave the way for a larger number of international enterprises to access a deeper pool of UK and European based technology platforms and innovation.

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