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Innovate Bristol Showcases YellowDog


‘Bristol – Innovate Bristol’ is the latest edition from Global Village Publishing and features YellowDog as one of the most exciting innovators in the city of Bristol. 

This celebration of the Bristol innovation community can be viewed via the Innovate Bristol e-Book.  

This publication celebrates the Innovation Ecosystem that exists in Bristol, highlighting the efforts made by both individuals and companies to build a brighter future through advancements in tech.

“Collaboration is what Bristol is all about”

Natalia Rodríguez Novás, Associate Publisher.

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YellowDog is proud to be included in this inaugural collection. YellowDog features in the Big Data and Analytics sector and celebrated as a key collaborator in this thriving city. Also in the same category is Gapsqaure, Data³, OnCorps, Interactive Scientific, and Col8. YellowDog is featured on pages 157 & 158.

“Bristol is rapidly attracting a reputation as a sustainable, innovative city with a dynamic culture of talent and innovation. With our world class universities, high tech sector, digital expertise and infrastructure, we are well positioned to embrace the reputation, while ensuring the benefits are shared by all”

Marvin Rees – Mayor of Bristol

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