…and we’re not ashamed to admit it.

3D World have included us in their exploratory piece about rendering in the cloud – something that we know a lot about. There are plenty of fears and frustrations about working in the cloud, but through our Summer Survey we’ve discovered that most of these are misconceptions. We certainly don’t have any security or capacity problems in our #LimitlessCompute YellowDog platform.

There was a huge amount of interest in our work with Powell Dobson, an architecture company that used the YellowDog Platform to render a 90 second animation through 3ds Max and V-Ray. We averaged 50 minutes per frame for 2250 frames (something we’re very proud of), and Head of Visualisation at Powell Dobson, Will Morris, told 3D World that the animation was well received.

Some industry greats were interviewed alongside our CEO Gareth by 3D World, including Panos Zompolas from Redshift and Rob Jamieson from AMD. We’re all working our little socks off to make rendering that much easier.

It’s encouraging to see more 3D artists and studios start to embrace something we’ve been shouting about for almost two years. We’re seeing more and more films, television shows, adverts, and even theme park rides rendering in the cloud, and YellowDog is helping to make all this a reality!

Make sure that you read the full article at 3D World, or check out our blog for our award wins, free 3D tutorials, and letters to our past selves (no really).

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