YellowDog releases latent potential in organisations’ existing compute.

It securely combines it with the public Cloud for on demand access to hundreds of thousands of cores. There’s no complex set up with multiple vendors.

This is YellowDog’s Limitless Compute.

Batch processes take too long. IT Architecture is limiting and inefficient so when processes fail, there is no suitable ‘Plan B’. 

Forward Prediction Algorithms

Leverage Machine Learning to predict when jobs will complete.

Compute Orchestration

Orchestrate all processing, regardless of source, centrally.

Business Rules

Set priorities to determine best compute source based on configured rules.

Compute Normalisation

Normalise compute available from disparate sources.

Performance / Analytics Dashboard

Review and understand performance and compute usage.

Job Segmentation

Segment jobs intelligently for parallel, distributed processing or integrate a customized scheduler.

YellowDog in Action

Recorded live at Finovate Europe 2018, watch this demonstration to discover what YellowDog can do for Financial Services. Want to find out more?




Where are the Use Cases?

  • Improve Risk & Analytics – Increase complexity, decrease delivery time
  • Richer Data Analysis – widen data sources, make better decisions
  • Optimise Operational Efficiency – Machine Learning predicts task completion
  • Increase IT ROI – Work existing infrastructure harder, maximise hardware ROI

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