YellowDog solves big batch processing problems in Financial Services.

YellowDog releases the huge latent potential in organisations’ existing computers and can securely combine it with the public cloud, giving them immediate and secure access to hundreds of thousands of cores, but with none of the hassle of setting up with multiple vendors. YellowDog takes care of it all.

The YellowDog technology is powerful enough to enable you to chew through the most complex analyses, risk, and financial models in next to no time.

The YellowDog Platform is securely installed within the current IT infrastructure and allows High Performance Computing Clusters to securely extend to any underutilised compute within the business. Need even more compute? The YellowDog Platform can be configured to securely burst batch workloads to selected public cloud providers, to ensure batch processes always run on time.

This is what YellowDog call Limitless Compute.

YellowDog’s advanced Machine Learning determines the requirements of each batch workload before the job starts, which means on-time delivery can be guaranteed.

No more unreliable, hard to use HPC clusters and cloud providers: say ‘hello’ to trusty user friendly YellowDog.

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How does it work?

YellowDog On Premise delivers unrivalled performance for batch compute jobs that cannot be achieved using other solutions without investing in significant quantities of high-end server hardware.  YellowDog achieves efficiencies by making use of underutilised compute resources, and, when appropriately configured, bursting to the public cloud.

YellowDog On Premise provides access to Limitless Compute

To achieve this, organisations install a YellowDog Linux virtual machine within their own infrastructure.  The virtual machine (which can be clustered) runs the YellowDog Platform which orchestrates available resources, segments jobs based upon the specification of available computer resources, and manages the batch processing.

The YellowDog Platform uses its own Machine Learning algorithms to understand how particular jobs perform and the job properties that affect the time they take to run, and predicts job completion time.  As the Platform learns with each job that it orchestrates, over time its prediction capabilities become increasingly accurate.

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Work in Risk Or Financial Analysis?

YellowDog enables the running of more advanced risk and financial analysis models in the same amount of time than ever before, and also ensure that existing processes always run on time.

  • Existing compute within the organisation can be leveraged for risk applications and financial analysis – at scale.
  • If the current infrastructure doesn’t provide enough compute, YellowDog have deep relationships with public cloud providers across the world giving access to massive scale in data centres.
  • Before a batch process starts YellowDog calculates how much compute is required to deliver it by a specific time.
  • Processing jobs start immediately – there’s no queuing.

YellowDog automatically selects the right source of compute. Analysts and quants don’t need to change the way they work – YellowDog fits in with the workflow that’s right for them.

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Responsible for IT?

YellowDog improves the utilisation of existing compute, increasing ROI and decreasing the need to deploy new infrastructure to support growing demand or new batch application deployment.

  • Costs can be controlled as the right source of compute is automatically chosen by the YellowDog Platform based on business rules around cost, performance, and suitability.
  • Batch workloads deliver on time as YellowDog can burst to underutilised computers on premise, or interface with any suitable cloud provider.
  • YellowDog makes using multiple sources of computer power easy. Once the Application is configured to use YellowDog, it can be deployed to any computer at the click of a button.
  • There’s no impact on existing running software which means lower operational costs, as job execution occurs without interfering the normal running of underlying applications.
  • End-to-end security including encrypted file systems on the compute node means that any machine can be used for any job, without the risk that data will be lost or stolen.
  • Resilient and self-healing architecture means that almost any compute source can be used, regardless of connectivity, and if nodes go down or become unavailable, processing segments automatically get reassigned to other nodes.

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Concerned about Compliance?

YellowDog helps ensure full compliance.

  • YellowDog is IS0 27001 : 2013 approved for the provision of on premise and cloud based batch processing services.
  • Data is only ever securely processed on machines where you configure it to be run. And if a public cloud provider is chosen for the workload, then you can pick those that meet the data sovereignty requirements for the job and are ISO27001 accredited.
  • Any machine is applicable for any job, thanks to complete end-to-end security with encrypted file systems, so data will never be lost or stolen.

IS0 27001 : 3013 certification fro the provision of on-premise and cloud rendering and batch processing services

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