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The Environmental Impact of Cloud Technology

The global demand to store, manage, and extract insight from data is increasing rapidly. Complex and compute-intensive applications are becoming more commonplace in enterprise, and as a result, so is the use of cloud technology. 

Fortunately, there are sustainable options available that can help limit carbon impact. With our technology, finding the most environmentally friendly option has never been easier.

By selecting the requirements that matter the most to you and using our intelligent workload management technology you could reduce your carbon impact by an average of 52%, in comparison to on-premise solutions.

YellowDog Platform

With the YellowDog Platform you can utilise the Best Source of Compute for every workload. For most businesses, this will be a complex matrix of factors, including:

  • Carbon and environmental impact 
  • Cost 
  • Resource availability  
  • Utilisation 
  • Performance between different node types 
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YellowDog Index

If you want more information about the sustainable options available to you, the YellowDog Index can help. The Index applies an Eco Score to over 25,000 cloud instances so you can easily find the right source of sustainable compute for your business. Base your cloud decisions on:

  • Trusted third-party data
  • Objective analysis of carbon impact

The YellowDog Index was featured in Raconteur’s Climate Change Report, published in The Times.

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