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What is the YellowDog Index?

Cloud computing is a valuable service for both businesses and society. It is the technology that allows us to accelerate the drug discovery process, increase the accuracy of weather prediction models, and render visual effects in record time.

However, cloud is complex. With over 25,000 different instance types to choose from and dynamic and varying workload demands, it can be difficult to know when you’re getting the Best Source of Compute.

This is where the YellowDog Index can help: the definitive guide to the ever-changing cloud landscape.

Cut Through the Complexity

The YellowDog Index cuts through the complexity by analysing the different instances provided by the main public cloud providers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and Alibaba Cloud.

You select the properties of the instances that you need; the YellowDog Index then organises the data so you can easily see those instances that best match your requirements. Cost, performance, and the amount of renewable energy used are just some of the attributes you can view and filter with the Index. This allows you to identify the Best Source of Compute.

YellowDog Platform

Utilising the data and insight provided by the YellowDog Index, the YellowDog Platform can help you automate the execution of workloads on the compute that is best suited to your workload requirements.

Introducing the Best Source of Compute.

YellowDog Platform Overview

How Do You Use the Index?

With a few simple clicks, you can select the exact computing requirements you need and see all of the available options laid out before you.

To make the most of the YellowDog Index, watch this short video.

As seen in Raconteur’s Climate Change Report, published in The Times.

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