We have our suitcase already packed – the excitement for our trip to India is beginning! Thanks to an invitation from Chaos Group, we will be touring India as part of their V-Ray Days Roadshow, bringing animation tricks and VFX tips to Bangalore and Mumbai.

Around 600 people will be attending the two events, with experts and industry professionals delivering masterclasses, tutorials and keynote speeches on the latest technology and techniques within V-Ray. Our very own Tom has been asked to talk about cloud rendering in V-Ray with YellowDog, and discuss some of the challenges and opportunities which cloud rendering presents.

Tom has spent a lot of time visiting Indian studios in the past, and has always been impressed with the richness of artistic talent: “It’s going to be amazing to see the next generation of Indian 3D artists and animators, and I can’t wait to show them how YellowDog can make their lives easier. It’s a platform designed to simplify the complexities of cloud computing, and help them focus on making incredible images.”

The quality of animation and VFX emerging from Indian studios is constantly on the ascendancy, and we’d love to work closely with some of the creative minds that are world building, muscle flexing, and texturing creatures in films, television shows, and commercials. We believe that #LimitlessCompute will help solve the same problems in Bristol as in Bangalore, and we can’t wait to start exploring.

Are you going to be at the V-Ray Days Roadshow? Do you work at a studio in India whose rendering requirements are outgrowing their existing render farm? We should talk! Drop us an email at woof@yellowdog.co to see whether we will be passing by your neighbourhood, and check back here mid-November to read all about our travels.

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