The YellowDog Vision

We're creating a world where people do more, create more, discover more; unleashed from limited computing power.

How it all Started

The story of YellowDog’s birth and first steps are best told by YellowDog Founder and CEO, Gareth Williams:

I had a conversation in a coffee shop – inspired partly by SETI: an organisation that searched for extra-terrestrial life – with a friend in 2014 about whether the processor in our iPhones could be put to use whilst we slept. Could, eventually, millions of processing cores could be combined and used to make business processes faster all over the world?

Fast forward 12 months, and YellowDog was born: allowing users to securely harness the compute contributed by individuals and businesses who had nominated themselves to join YellowDog’s “Pack”.

YellowDog also integrated with some of the world’s leading public cloud providers and it soon became apparent that these integrations, plus extending The Pack to ISO27001 datacentres across the world, meant that YellowDog could provide businesses with unparalleled access to huge amounts of compute and that’s where we are today.

The Platform

YellowDog’s High Performance Cloud Rendering was launched for studios across Media and Entertainment in late 2015. The YellowDog platform is in use today by some of the world’s best loved animation, visual effects, and visualisation studios.

In March 2018, YellowDog launched into Financial Services where it helps enterprises utilise the spare capacity on premise and burst securely to the public cloud for big batch processes.

Find out about other markets where The YellowDog Platform and YellowDog technology can be deployed in the future.