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Power your innovations with YellowDog and scale applications across the cloud like never before. Bring new products and services to market in a fraction of the time and elevate your return on investment between 3-10x, depending on usage.

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Cloud Workload Management

The ability to process and analyse vast quantities of data is transforming how businesses deliver for their customers.

With our cloud workload management software you can meet this demand for information and benefit from:

  • An increase in your ROI between 3-10x.
  • Access to the best pricing, to save up to 60% on cloud.
  • Competitive licence costs, with no obligation for multi-year commitments.
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Our Solutions

Managed as a single system, our cloud native services take care of everything, leaving you in complete control.

Workload Acceleration

Rapidly scale and deploy compute-intensive and high performance computing workloads, on demand.

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Powerful Meta Scheduling

Coordinate assorted third-party schedulers, with one workload submission system.

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Intelligent Provisioning

Control costs with intelligent provisioning and make smarter decisions on cloud usage.

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Simple Cloud Onboarding

Rely on our expert team to transform your workload execution, completely hassle-free.

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Our Platform

Deliver compute-intensive and high performance computing (HPC) workloads on time and on budget with cloud native scheduling, multi-cloud access and on-premise efficiency.

  • Experienced cloud users perform analyses at speeds never economically possible before.
  • New cloud users get up and running quickly and easily, without needing specific expertise to do so.
  • All users benefit from the Best Source of Compute, to make smarter decisions on what resources are used.
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Trusted across the globe

“Having the YellowDog Platform there for us on demand really was priceless.”

Alex Sherwood
Alex Sherwood CEO, Giant Animation
Trusted across the globe

“The scale and speed of the Platform is something OMass would not be able to replicate internally and we look forward to working with YellowDog in the future to further develop this capability.”

Giles Brown
Giles Brown VP, Head of Medicinal Chemistry, OMass
Trusted across the globe

“YellowDog has transformed how we use our existing hardware and the cloud, making all the behind the scenes workload management invisible.”

Jago Westmacott
Jago Westmacott CTO, Fulcrum Asset Management

Key Outcomes

Lower Your Cloud Costs

Save up to 60% on cloud and 90% on scheduler software vs. other commercial solutions.

Scale Beyond Infrastructure Limits

Combine resources across on-premise infrastructure, multiple cloud regions and instance types.

Access HPC On Demand

Dynamically create and tear down clusters, based on your workload's fluctuating demand.

Reduce Carbon Impact

Reduce your environmental impact by ~52% in comparison to on-premise solutions.

Our Featured Partners

Helping us to solve interesting and important problems for our customers is a global partner network.

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