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YellowDog is the 3D animator and artist’s new best friend. Using cloud & crowdsourced processing power, it is creating the world’s fastest supercomputer. YellowDog’s render service is a revolution in 3D rendering – fixed pricing, simple, speedy, secure and 100% reliable.

See why studios and artists like the ones below love YellowDog.

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Pounds for your PC power

Download the YellowDog application and install it on your servers and workstations to join our pack of power providers and make money every time YellowDog runs – to keep or donate to your designated charity. It’s simple, secure and it’s fully in your control.

YellowDog explained


3D Rendering Where You're In Total Control

YellowDog is a revolution in rendering for 3D studios and artists. By using compute power from both the cloud and the crowd, by tapping into the unused processing power of thousands of computers, we are creating a best of breed supercomputer powerful enough to chew through the biggest render jobs in next to no time.

Best of all, we fix the price of your renders up front.

No more unreliable, hard to use render farms and datacentres – say ‘hello’ to trusty, user friendly YellowDog.

Who is it for?

Any 3D animator, artist or studio hungry for processing power. Animation studios and freelance animators, 3D artists and designers, VFX artists, motion designers, CGI creators and technical directors will all love the speed and reliability of YellowDog.

What some of our customers say about us
How does it work?

Simply download our plugin and upload your files for rendering. Your job is broken down into byte sized pieces and shared out amongst your chosen pack of power providers to render. When the job’s complete, you’ll be notified as soon as it’s ready for download. You’ll get it back right first time, every time, having been given a thorough once over by YellowDog’s quality checking software.

You’re in complete control; you choose how much the job will cost – the total price for the job is determined up front and YellowDog takes care of all software licensing costs.

If you have a long form production, or need to iterate your renders quickly, you can also choose to access dedicated high power servers from YellowDog. These will be yours for as long as you need them and allow your render capacity to breath flexibly with your clients’ demands.

To ensure a seamless workflow for your team, YellowDog can be integrated with most pipeline management tools though it’s powerful, easy-to-integrate, API.

What does it work with?

YellowDog is compatible with Autodesk 3ds Max 2014 – 2017, Maya 2014 – 2017, Cinema 4D R17, V-Ray, Redshift, mental ray and Corona render engines.

YellowDog supports lots of plugins – you can find the full list here. If one you use isn’t listed, just email us with the details of your plugin and we’ll look into adding it.

We’re in the process of adding more plugins so if you need specific plugins to support your render jobs, do get in touch and we’ll add them in.

Who provides the power?

YellowDog’s pack of power providers is provided by leading commercial cloud compute providers or businesses with under-utilised servers. When you choose the crowdsourced pack, YellowDog exchanges their spare compute power for a new revenue stream or a donation to charity.

Is it secure?

You can rely on YellowDog. Your files are encrypted during upload; the job is then broken down into smaller chunks before sending for rendering; we rigorously check and track every power provider, and your work only ever exists in a temporary disk on the power provider’s machine that’s encrypted using the latest security technology.

Will there always be enough power?

Always. YellowDog can call on computers from many places – the cloud and the crowd – so there is always one ready and willing to play to get the job done.

If you’ve chosen to take dedicated servers from YellowDog, simply get in touch with YellowDog and we can quickly scale up the number of computers to deliver any render job to any deadline.

Incredible Technical Support

Rendering complex CGI is not easy. That’s why the YellowDog team is available on the phone and over email to provide personal service and support when you need them. This could be to assist in initial setup and integration or to troubleshoot any rendering anomalies that may crop up.

What does it cost?

YellowDog is a pedigree pooch for the price of a mongrel pup. You select the type and number of render servers you need – we help you with our easy-to-use calculator. The price you see is the price you pay. And you can use YellowDog as and when you want with no monthly subscription.

If you want your job rendered faster, you can buy faster render servers and you get more power. If time is not of the essence, you can choose slower render servers and get charged less. You’re always in control.

There are three types of render server to choose from:

  • 8-core Value servers at £1.08 per hour
  • 16-core Standard servers at £1.65 per hour
  • 32-core Delux servers at £3.00 per hour

(all prices are ex-VAT)

There are no hidden costs as these prices include:

  • All render server costs
  • All software license costs
  • All data transfer fees
  • All data storage costs

We do things differently at YellowDog, so if you would like to see how much your job will cost, simply Sign Up and download our plugin. All you need to do is upload your job to get your free fixed quote.

If your job is over several hundred frames in length, it is always worth getting in touch to hear about our latest offers and see what costs we could save you.

You can also get in touch directly at woof@yellowdog.co or call +44(0) 330 223 2499.

The Pack

Earn pounds from your PC

YellowDog is a great way to make money for any servers or workstations that are idle for some of the time. It makes your spare and otherwise unused processing power available to 3D animators and artists hungry for more, to help them create ever more complex images and effects. In return, you make money every time YellowDog runs and is busy rendering files.
Is it secure?

You can rely 100% on YellowDog. Only work certified by YellowDog is able to run in the YellowDog application and all the artists’ files are always safely kept away from your own. The render jobs only ever exist in a temporary disk on your machines and is encrypted using the latest security technology.

Will it affect my machine?

YellowDog creates a temporary encrypted folder on your machine and only uses your machine’s processor and memory when the computer is not doing any other work. As well as being totally secure it also means that there’s no impact to your other services by installing YellowDog.

How does it work?

Simply download the YellowDog application onto your server or workstation, register as one of our pack of power providers and you’re ready to start automatically processing bite-sized chunks of our 3D animators’ and artists’ projects. You’re in full control of when YellowDog runs, how much of your computers’ processing power it uses and whether you’d like paying for the power used, or if you’d like it donating to charity.

Can anyone join?

We’re currently working with selected business partners to populate our Pack. If your server or workstation is running 64-bit Windows 7 or later, has a dual core processor and at least 8GB of RAM, then you can register to join our waiting list.

Does it run on mobiles and tablets?

Not yet. YellowDog only runs on Windows servers and workstations. But it’s something we’re working on so watch this space.

How much money can I make?

How much you earn depends on how many jobs you process and how quickly your computer can chew through them. Typical earnings could be around £5 a week – that’s money for nothing except for the few pennies a day it will cost to leave your machine running.

How do I get paid?

You can decide whether to keep your rewards or to donate them to your chosen charity. When you sign up, we’ll ask you for either your bank account details or the name of your chosen good cause. Once we have your details, payments are made automatically each month.

Who’ll be using my power?

You could be helping major animation studios create their next big hit, or any number of 3D animators and artists, motion designers or visual effects artists get the brilliant rendering results they need to bring their ideas to life.

How green is it?

We believe YellowDog is a very clean puppy. Until now, animators have had to use large datacentres that need constant cooling to work – often doubling the amount of energy they use compared to the same job handled by YellowDog on your computer. So as well as creating great art, you’re also creating a low carbon paw print.

About YellowDog

The YellowDog pup was born in Bristol in 2014. Created by Gareth Williams it has since gone through a planned programme of research, product development and investment before the fully grown YellowDog was launched in 2015.
YellowDog running
We like to think that YellowDog has all the best qualities of man’s best friend.

YellowDog is hardworking, reliable, adventurous, lovable, fun loving, genuine and protective.

Fun loving We’re enthusiastic and enjoy what we do, and we want everyone we meet to enjoy it, too.
Hard working Ever willing to please, we do whatever it takes.
Reliable We’re consistent in our approach to life, business, our products and our customers.
Protective Our users’ and customers’ security is always front of mind.
Genuine We’re simple and straightforward, and never complicate things for the sake of it.
Adventurous We like exploring new territories and sniffing out fresh possibilities
Lovable We’re easy to work with, easy to do business with, and our products are easy to use.

The Top Dogs

Gareth Williams. YellowDog MD
Gareth Williams, Founder & Managing Director

Following an MEng in Information Systems Engineering from the University of Durham, Gareth cut his canines working in software and telecoms at companies including Orange, Experian QAS, FREEDOM4 and Arieso, where he was part of the Management Team that completed the successful sale of the company to JDSU in March 2013 for $85m.

One day he had a brilliant idea for using spare mobile capacity which, following a chat with someone in the animation department at the University of the West of England, gave birth to what is now YellowDog. When not coming up with brilliant ideas, he is a dad, a keen cyclist, an ardent reader, a trustee of charity Get Connected, a Samaritans Listening Volunteer. He also likes ale.

Simon Ponsford. YellowDog CTOSimon Ponsford, Chief Technical Officer

To Simon, technology related business problems are like a juicy bone to get his teeth into. He has 16 years of experience in high growth start-up environments working in CIO, CTO and Technical Architect roles in the UK, Europe, Middle East and North America, with several cloud computing related patents to his name.

He is passionate about delivering ‘green’ technology and is best known for designing the world’s lowest powered Windows PC in 2008. He is also responsible for KumoWatt, the leading training programme for IT professionals interested in reducing the carbon impact of what they do.

Jack Davies, Sales Executive

jackJack was reared with pedigree sales experience in Colorado where he ran his own sales franchise in a summer holiday during University. After a few years of branch and territory retail sales management, Jack joined AIM listed MedaPhor in 2014 where he tendered cloud based, virtual reality training platforms into the NHS. He also oversaw bespoke installations of hardware and software into healthcare providers in Europe and the Middle East.

Jack joined YellowDog in the Autumn of 2015 and brings his love of art and innovation into the office every day. He aims to spread the good word of YellowDog far and wide.

In a quiet moment, he can be found enjoying a small glass of whiskey with his grandfather.



YellowDog is very pleased to be working with Bluegfx in the UK.

Bluegfx is a leading technology company, supplying 3D, video, storage, workstation, render management, infrastructure, networking and cloud technologies to the media and entertainment industry.

They provide invaluable experience in render pipeline management and cloud integration, delivering technical innovation that encompasses training, R&D, services and support.

An Autodesk Gold Partner, and a Microsoft Certified Partner, they maintain a high level of certified knowledge.


SETsquared logo

YellowDog is proud to be supported by SETsquared. The SETsquared Partnership is the enterprise collaboration between five leading research-intensive universities: Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Southampton and Surrey.

Established in 2003 and funded by the Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF), the Partnership is a focus for enterprise activity and new business creation for the five university partners.

Whether it’s an entrepreneur with an idea or a very early stage, high-tech start-up company – SETsquared’s mission is to help turn an innovative spark into a thriving, commercial business.


Getting your Windows machine ready for YellowDog

Installing the Cinema 4D YellowDog Plugin for Mac

Using YellowDog with Maya

Using YellowDog with Cinema 4D

A Tour of YellowDog Sync

Installing the Maya YellowDog Plugin for Mac

Adding Render Servers to YellowDog

Using YellowDog with 3ds Max

A Tour of the YellowDog Web Interface

The Pack

Installing and using the YellowDog Application

Or call YellowDog on 0330 223 2499