We Accelerate Compute-Hungry Workloads

Predictive Multi-Cloud Scheduling & Orchestration

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High Performance Computing

Hybrid- and Multi-Cloud Workload Management with Intelligent Scheduling and Orchestration.

Scale to deliver more compute-hungry and high performance computing applications on time and on budget. 

Control costs, increase business agility, improve business resilience and meet regulatory requirements using YellowDog’s Best Source of Compute.

Optimise investment in computing resources by predicting how long workloads will take with advanced machine learning. 

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Our Solutions

Whether you're interested in accelerating workloads, reducing compute costs, or predicting future performance, our three solutions can help you make it happen.

YellowDog Sigma

Deliver compute-hungry and high performance computing workloads on time and on budget with multi-cloud access and on-premise efficiency.

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YellowDog Assura

Access the Best Source of Compute service and make smarter decisions about what infrastructure is used to deliver compute hungry workloads.

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YellowDog Optima

Fully optimise scheduling for resource intensive workloads. Drive utilisation efficiency of hybrid- and multi-cloud infrastructure with machine learning.

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Our Key Outcomes

Leading Supercomputer

As fast as the 8th fastest supercomputer in the world.

Cost Saving

30% average saving on cloud computing costs.

Workload Acceleration

275% average acceleration of actuarial modelling.

On Demand Excellence

High Performance Computing (HPC) has been deployed, on demand, in less than 30 minutes for global weather forecasting.

Machine Learning

96% workload prediction accuracy to enable massive increases in on-premise grid utilisation.

Environmental Sustainability

57% less carbon impact than typical datacentre based solutions.

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The Industries We're Helping

YellowDog works closely with several industries and has multiple applications for businesses and enterprises working with compute-hungry workloads.


We accelerate and optimise simulations, scientific computing and cloud transformation.

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We enable studios to render visual effects, 3D animation, and visualisations with record precision.

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Financial Services

We enable enterprises to manage critical workloads in hybrid- and multi-cloud environments.

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Trusted Across the Globe

We're proud to work with some of the world's most innovative businesses and enterprises who are looking to scale, control and optimise compute hungry workloads.

Our Featured Partners

Helping us to solve interesting and important problems for our customers is a global partner network.

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