Optimise your compute infrastructure for any workload

We reduce your engineering burden with a single interface to harness any compute (on-prem, hybrid or multi-cloud), compatible with legacy code and any operating system.

Supporting customers of all sizes across areas such as Financial Services, Life Sciences, AI / ML and Engineering.

Trusted by leaders in investment, biotechnology and computing.


A flexible solution for all application types

Companies can easily operate with hybrid and multi-cloud usage from day one, including an extensive range of instances and processor types (CPU, GPU, FPGA, AI-specific cores).

The platform enables you to scale workloads up and down depending on demand, through event-driven scheduling.


Cost efficiency with intelligent provisioning and scheduling

Reduce costs through Spot Pricing, increase utilisation to 95%+ with intelligent provisioning and even utilise the most energy efficient compute with our Eco Score.


Market-leading control and system security 

ISO 27001 certified. YellowDog offers world-leading security and built one of the world’s largest secure C2D cloud clusters in partnership with Google Cloud and AMDwithout compromising on performance.

We are currently embedded in a number of cybersecurity solutions.


Choose YellowDog for limitless scalability

To demonstrate the power of our platform, we partnered with AWS to create and then rapidly take down (for efficiency) one of the world’s biggest supercomputers in the cloud, in under an hour.

This included 1 million vCPUs working within seven minutes, showcasing how rapidly we enable technology companies to access enormous levels of compute to reach results, develop products and uncover new science.

Accelerating the work of world-leading companies.

Developing virtual twin hearts with Hybrid Cloud – ELEM BioTech

YellowDog has worked closely with ELEM Biotech to grow their population of virtual twin hearts which can be used to test new devices and drug treatments in the human cardiovascular system.
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Accelerating Drug Discovery From One Year to Seven Hours – OMass Therapeutics

Learn how YellowDog helped OMass Therapeutics accelerate its drug discovery process from 1 year to 7 hours with an on-demand, 378,432 core supercomputer in the cloud.
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Rapidly Onboarding New Users to the Cloud – InterAx Biotech

Learn how YellowDog helped InterAx Biotech Ltd. get set up in the cloud within 7 hours of face-to-face consultations, to access on-demand high performance computing and accelerate its virtual screening process.
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Delivering a Fault-Tolerant Multi-Cloud Solution – Fulcrum Asset Management

Learn how YellowDog helped Fulcrum Asset Management implement a fault-tolerant multi-cloud solution to improve cost-efficiency and ensure business continuity.
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Workload Prediction and Grid Efficiency – Global Risk & Analytics Business

Learn how YellowDog helped a Global Risk and Analytics company improve its workload prediction and grid efficiency, to drive revenue and lower costs.
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A Hybrid-Cloud Solution for One of Europe’s Most Respected Studios – Rise FX

Rise FX is a leading studio in Europe, working on popular films and television series, such as The Avengers and Stranger Things. Learn why it chose YellowDog's award-winning multi-cloud render solution to stay ahead of the game.
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