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Accelerate Your Workloads

YellowDog on AWS enables customers to scale applications across the cloud like never before.

It provides a central, unified interface to monitor and manage region selection, compute provisioning, job allocation and execution. It allocates compute nodes based on application characteristics, manages clusters using the YellowDog scheduler or third-party schedulers, and provisions resources across multiple regions, availability zones, instance types and machine sizes.

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Cutting-Edge HPC

The combination of YellowDog’s cloud workload management solution and AWS' powerful HPC infrastructure enables businesses of all sizes to benefit from the true scale of cloud.


Deploy hundreds of thousands of instances in minutes and tear them down instantly on completion.


Access different AWS machine shapes, availability domains and instance types through a single user interface.


Provision AWS resources using strategies that intuitively respond to the fluctuating needs of each workload.


Elegantly respond to any instance withdrawals or failures, so that deadlines are met, and budgets not exceeded.


  • A cloud native scheduler providing automated task management, allocation, and resource coordination.
  • Meta scheduling to coordinate multiple third-party clusters (e.g. Slurm, LSF) using YellowDog as a single workload submission platform.
  • Direct API, Java and Python SDKs to integrate with our cloud native scheduler.
  • Cloud computing and Object Store connectors for AWS.
  • An intuitive and easy-to-use User Portal for configuration, monitoring, reporting and analytics.
  • Keyrings for secure and audited Identity Access and Management.
  • Cloud native design to ensure optimum fault tolerance, scalability and performance.

Case Studies

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Multi-Region Supercomputer Built in Under an Hour

In just 53 minutes, the YellowDog Platform built a multi-region supercomputer in the cloud. Using AWS infrastructure, a total of 3.2 million vCPUs were provisioned, across Europe and North America, to run a popular drug discovery application.

Read more about the achievement here.


“The scale and speed YellowDog offers is something we would not be able to replicate.”

Giles Brown
Giles Brown VP, Head of Medicinal Chemistry, OMass Therapeutics

“YellowDog has transformed how we use our existing hardware and the cloud, making all the behind the scenes workload management invisible.”

Jago Westmacott
Jago Westmacott CTO, Fulcrum Asset Management

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