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The Challenge

There are many powerful workload management tools available in the market that help you schedule your cloud resources. However, they can be limiting in the following ways. They:

  • Are typically built for on-premise infrastructure, so are not always straightforward to implement and use in the cloud.
  • Are often specific to a provider, limiting the ability to burst across multiple cloud vendors.
  • Lack portability, creating a requirement to have different solutions for different schedulers.

The YellowDog Scheduler is a cloud native scheduler, so it is specifically built to overcome these challenges. With the addition of Meta Scheduling, you can create and manage dynamically scaling compute clusters, run by a variety of technologies and schedulers, through a single workload submission system.

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How the YellowDog Scheduler Enables Event-Driven Configuration Management


Remain in control of your workloads, by defining the configuration and type of nodes you require to execute your work.


Apply standard actions, node specific content and scripting to worker nodes at particular points in the lifecycle.


Make the most of templated configuration by deploying it on specific nodes, using scripts or tools, such as Ansible.


Ensure utilisation efficiency by dynamically scaling the cluster up or down for other tasks, or rapidly dismantling it.

What Meta Scheduling Delivers

Meta Scheduling enables businesses to benefit from a single view on cost and department consumption across applications. Users can build economically viable compute clusters at scale, in both hybrid and multi-cloud environments, and multiple clusters can be created concurrently to help customers overcome on-premise capacity constraints.

Fundamentally, Meta Scheduling enables businesses to utilise a wide range of familiar technologies and processes, whilst taking advantage of the intelligent provisioning strategies provided by the YellowDog Platform.

Accelerate Your Workloads Today

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