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Our Platform Can Help Multiple Industries

We help businesses and enterprises scale, control and optimise compute-intensive workloads with intelligent cloud native scheduling and provisioning. Our platform can manage cloud instances across multiple regions and cloud providers to improve performance, lower costs, and reduce environmental impact.

There are multiple uses of our technology, across multiple industries. The ideal cloud workflows are those that are elastic, highly parallelisable and distributable.

Uses of Our Technology

Actuarial Modelling

Cashflow, disaster modelling

Computer Aided Engineering

Simulation, validation and optimisation

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Solve large complex problems

Credit Risk

Risk modelling, cashflow projections

Drug Discovery

Molecular dynamics

Electronic Design Automation

Design, simulation and analysis


Sequencing and analysing

Machine Learning

Training deep learning models

Market Risk

Regulatory reporting

Multiphysics Simulation

Thermo-, hydro-, mechano-, dyno-sims

Rendering CGI

3D animation, visual effects

Weather Forecasting

Weather forecasting, climate modelling

Our Platform

Whether you're interested in accelerating workloads, reducing compute costs, or predicting future performance, our Platform's suite of products allow you to tailor your cloud solution to your unique needs.

YellowDog Sigma

Deliver compute-intensive and high performance computing workloads on time and on budget with multi-cloud access and on-premise efficiency.

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YellowDog Sigma+

Make smarter decisions about what infrastructure is used to deliver compute-intensive workloads.

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YellowDog Optima

Fully optimise scheduling for resource intensive workloads. Drive utilisation efficiency of hybrid- and multi-cloud infrastructure with machine learning.

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