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Mary Portas and The Kindness Economy | International Women’s Day 2020

Beth Hewitt Marketing Manager

To celebrate International Women’s Day, YellowDog’s Marketing Coordinator, Beth describes why Mary Portas’ Kindness Economy is bringing a fresh, female perspective to business.  

A Day to Celebrate

The immediacy and reach of social media have meant that International Women’s Day seems like a recent creation. In fact, the first gathering happened in 1911. The women at this first event, through hard-fought dedication to the cause, paved the way for women like me to have the freedom I have today.

Without their efforts I may not be in the position I am: writing a blog that can be read by anyone, working in the technology industry, which was once dominated by men.

I, by no means represent all women, so I won’t pretend there isn’t more to be done. But I think all women should be celebrated for their efforts; big and small.

I’d like to use this day to celebrate Mary Portas. I could celebrate her for many reasons but in particular, I want to draw attention to the business principle she calls, “The Kindness Economy”.

If you haven’t heard of The Kindness Economy, she recently presented it at a TEDx talk. You can watch it here.

The Kindness Economy

I love The Kindness Economy because it is gender neutral. While it stems from Mary’s desire to bring her values as a woman into the world of work, I believe it transcends gender. People, of all genders, should consider kindness in all they do, including business.

Mary acknowledges how kindness in business, can be viewed as “fluffy”. But I agree with her that kindness is strength. If companies truly embody their values and combine commercial acumen and vigour, with human kindness – profit and success will follow.

We are in a new world of conscientious consumerism.

So, to everyone reading this, embrace kindness and happy International Women’s Day!

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