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Intelligent Multi-Cloud Workload Management

Bursty, complex and compute-hungry applications are more common than ever in enterpriseWhen computing resources are not available for these dynamic workloads, deadlines are missed and budgets exceeded. 

The YellowDog Platform enables high performance computing workloads to be automatically delivered on time and on budget, with intelligent multi-cloud workload management. 


Provision & Manage Resources

Managing computing resources in hybrid- and multi-cloud environments.

Best Source of Compute

Determines the best computing resources for workloads.


Manage task allocation and tracking, resource co-ordination, data transport, data synchronisation, task inputs and outputs.


YellowDog Dashboards and APIs for integration with existing dashboards and infrastructure monitoring systems.


Advanced machine learning algorithms accurately predict workload run time.

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Identifying Best Source of Compute

Our software automatically understands computing: 

  • Cost 
  • Resource availability  
  • Utilisation 
  • Latency 
  • Time to provision 
  • Performance between different node types 
  • Carbon and environmental impact  

Using this datathe YellowDog Platform is able to make intelligent decisions on the Best Source of Compute for the workload to ensure it is delivered on time and on budget. 

Working with Current Infrastructure

  1. Using APIs to seamlessly integrate with any existing schedulers or application automation software.
  2. Securely integrating to the right public and private clouds using out-of-the-box connectors.
  3. Installing the lightweight YellowDog Agent on any on-premise servers that need to be added to the pool of computing resources. 
  4. Using existing operational data to train the machine learning for workload prediction.  
  5. Simple set up, configuration and management using easy to use web console.
  6. Operationand decision making is automatic, via APIs, to deliver workloads on time and on budget. 

Application and Client access

Access to the YellowDog Platform for 3rd party applications and schedulers is via Java or .NET client libraries or direct via a REST API. Users can also access the YellowDog Platform portal, which in addition to providing in-depth real-time monitoring of workloads and compute requirements, allows users to submit work and control compute.

Run Workloads on Any Platform

Software Architecture

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Platform Services

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