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Get the right type of trial for your studio by selecting from the options below.

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Full Service

Fully-loaded with all the software studios require to render at scale. Access to:
- The YellowDog Platform
- YellowDog Plugins
- YellowDog File Sync

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- 5 hours free
- 1 server
- 36 cores, 72 threads
- Cinebench R15: 4,018
- 256 GB RAM



- 5 hours free
- 1 server
- x2 NVIDIA P100 16GB VRAM
- Octanebench Score: 441
- 196 GB RAM


Want a Bigger Trial?

The free trial options above are the perfect way to see the core functionality of YellowDog’s multi-cloud render platform.

To trial the ‘YellowDog Select Service’ or for a full proof or concept implementation, click below to contact the CGI Render team.

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Video tutorial

Getting started in 2 minutes

Watch this video to learn how to install YellowDog File Sync, the YellowDog Plugin, and how to export your scene to use YellowDog’s Cloud Render Platform for the first time.


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