YellowDog On Premise delivers unrivalled performance for batch compute jobs that cannot be achieved using other solutions without investing in significant quantities of high-end server hardware. 

YellowDog achieves efficiencies by making use of underutilised compute resources, and, when appropriately configured, bursting to the public cloud.

YellowDog Overview

Organisations install a YellowDog Linux virtual machine within their own infrastructure.  The virtual machine (which can be clustered) runs the YellowDog Platform which orchestrates available resources, segments jobs based upon the specification of available computer resources, and manages processing.

The YellowDog Platform uses Machine Learning algorithms to understand how particular jobs perform and predicts job completion time.  As the Platform learns with each job that it orchestrates, over time its prediction capabilities become increasingly accurate.

See Architecture Summary


YellowDog is IS0 27001 : 2013 approved for the provision of on premise and cloud based batch processing services. Data is only ever securely processed on machines where it is configured to be run. If a public cloud provider is chosen for the workload, then they can be chosen based on meeting the data sovereignty requirements for the job and are ISO27001 certified.

Any machine is applicable for any job thanks to complete end-to-end security with encrypted file systems, so data will never be lost or stolen.