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Best 3D Render Prices

YellowDog provides customers with fixed prices for their 3D renders. This helps studios deliver final renders to clients on time and on budget. Studios excel when they work to pre-agreed price per machine per hour rendering with no hidden storage or data transfer charges . YellowDog offers multiple CPU and GPU machine types from multiple ISO 27001 certified public cloud providers.

How To Calculate Cloud Render Budgets

There are countless different variables which is why traditional online render farm calculators are notoriously inaccurate. The three most significant variables when getting a price from YellowDog is knowing:

  • The quantity of frames required to render
  • The average render time per frame when rendered with YellowDog
  • The optimum integration type with YellowDog’s Multi-Cloud platform.

Understanding these above variables may be very simple. For other studios, it may be more complex. The YellowDog team help to answer all of these questions and more with a no obligation quote. You can also sample the service via a free trial.

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Cloud Rendering Price Plans


Buy credit on demand at standard price. Top up your studio account when required and only ever pay for what you use.


Monthly Plan

Purchase credit with the YellowDog team. Access special lower rates when you budget for predicted monthly render requirements.


Contract Plan

Agree discounted 3, 6, or 12 month contracts that evenly spread payments and fully optimise price & performance.


Benefits of Cloud Render Contract Plans

Smooth Studio Cash Flow

Fully Optimise Price & Performance

Scalable Alternative to Colocation

“With YellowDog, we lock in a reduced rate [with] a fixed monthly payment and spread it evenly throughout the year – irrespective of our peaks and troughs on the slate. We know exactly how many machines we get, how many hours of rendering we can use, and how powerful every machine is, so we have total clarity on our available computing power.”

Rob Walsh Head of Visualisation, PriestmanGoode

On-Demand Price Plan

The YellowDog platform offers guaranteed CPU & GPU dedicated machines at a pre-agreed price.

YellowDog Standard Machine Specifications

  • The standard CPU machine used is 36 cores, 72 threads, 256 GB Ram, with a Cinebench R15 score of 4,018.
  • The standard GPU machine used is a Dual NVIDIA P100 with 16GB VRAM and an Octanebench Score of 441.

There are no hard to understand storage or data transfer costs with total transparency of how many machines you are using and for how long.  Fixed price, on-demand, high scale render software licenses are included.  YellowDog also provides its Render Wrangle team for pre and post-installation support

List Price = £4.50 per machine per hour


Integration Options

Full Service Integration All the necessary licensing and render management required for fast and accurate cloud rendering. Quick install and turnkey solution that is available 'out of the box' for supported pipelines.
Select Service Integration Deep infrastructure integration. Studios may provide their own licensing, render management, or other feature of their pipeline whilst leveraging YellowDog's multi-cloud platform management capability.

Cloud Rendering Volume Discount

Volume discounts are available for both 'Full Service' and 'Select Service' integrations. Discounts are also available for on-demand purchases and monthly and contract plans. See below.


Number of Hours CPU or GPU
0-1,000 £4.50
1,001-2,500 £4.05
2,501-6,000 £3.60
6,001-15,000 £3.15
15,001-35,000 £2.70
35,001+ Price on request


Number of Hours CPU GPU
0-3,000 Not available Not available
3,001-5,000 £2.00 £2.80
5,001-10,000 £1.75 £2.45
10,001-20,000 £1.50 £2.10
20,000+ Price on request Price on request

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