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YellowDog On Premise delivers unrivalled performance for batch compute jobs that cannot be achieved using other solutions without investing in significant quantities of high-end server hardware. 

YellowDog achieves efficiencies by making use of underutilised compute resources, and, when appropriately configured, bursting to the public cloud.

YellowDog Overview

Organisations install a YellowDog Linux virtual machine within their own infrastructure.  The virtual machine (which can be clustered) runs the YellowDog Platform which orchestrates available resources, segments jobs based upon the specification of available computer resources, and manages processing.

The YellowDog Platform uses Machine Learning algorithms to understand how particular jobs perform and predicts job completion time.  As the Platform learns with each job that it orchestrates, over time its prediction capabilities become increasingly accurate.

See Architecture Summary


YellowDog is IS0 27001 : 2013 approved for the provision of on premise and cloud based batch processing services. Data is only ever securely processed on machines where it is configured to be run. If a public cloud provider is chosen for the workload, then they can be chosen based on meeting the data sovereignty requirements for the job and are ISO27001 certified.

Any machine is applicable for any job thanks to complete end-to-end security with encrypted file systems, so data will never be lost or stolen.

CPU and GPU Cloud Rendering

Get on-demand access to more CPU and GPU render power than any single Cloud provider or render farm can provide. Partnered with leading companies such as Autodesk, Chaos Group, Redshift Rendering, Foundry, Maxon, and more, YellowDog offers total render service flexibility to ensure studios and 3D artists get quality renders at the right price.

Say goodbye to confusing lists of Cloud render prices based on unclear quantities of uncertain machine specifications with hidden data and storage charges.

Say hello to trusty, studio friendly, YellowDog Rendering.


High performance Cloud Render solution with fully inclusive render licensing of supported software.

Use of scene export tools and the YellowDog platform for the management and delivery of finished 3D renders in super fast time.


Typical machine specification

CPU | 36 core, 72 thread, 256 GB Ram | Cinebench score = 4018

GPU | x2 NVIDIA P100 cards, 16 GB VRAM | Octanebench score = 441

*Other machine specifications are available if requested.

Naked YellowDog

Supply your studio’s software licenses or license server integration but leverage on demand high performance computing power for CGI rendering. Gateway to multiple cloud providers in multiple locations without having to set up with multiple vendors.


Typical machine specification

CPU | 36 core, 72 thread, 256 GB Ram | Cinebench score = 4018

GPU | x2 NVIDIA P100 cards, 16 GB VRAM | Octanebench score = 441

*Other machine specifications are available if requested


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Render CGI in a world of Limitless Compute

No purchase necessary.

Your YellowDog Render account is free forever unless you decide that you need more render power.

You’ll get 5 hours of rendering with any supported render engine on one of YellowDog’s high powered CPU or GPU servers.

How is the free trial applied?

If you need it immediately, you can request your free trial after creating your account by emailing 

All free trials are applied within 3 days of account creation.

The free Cloud Render Credit will be applied for you and you will see it appear in The YellowDog Platform.

How powerful is the free trial?

CPU – 5 hours free on YellowDog’s Industry leading CPU  | 36 cores, 72 threads, 256 GB Ram, 4018 Cinebench score.

GPU – 5 hours free on YellowDog’s Industry leading GPU | 2x NVIDIA Tesla P100, 16GB VRAM each

The free trial gives new customers full access to YellowDog’s off the shelf render platform but with a limitation on the speed and scale available.

For studios looking for more custom solutions who also want to see YellowDog render at top speed, the free trial is the perfect way to sample a world of Limitless Compute before contacting our specialist render team.  

However, customers can also sample our pricing page here.

Trusted by over 1,350 studios in over 35 countries, YellowDog Rendering unleashes productions from deadline pressures with its combination of award winning innovation and expert team.

Scroll through the studios below.

They all started out with this simple trial – and now they’re enjoying a world of Limitless Compute!

YellowDog Logo animated in 2D chasing a ball

Made with YellowDog

YellowDog releases latent potential in organisations’ existing compute.

It securely combines it with the public Cloud for on demand access to hundreds of thousands of cores. There’s no complex set up with multiple vendors.

This is YellowDog’s Limitless Compute.

Batch processes take too long. IT Architecture is limiting and inefficient so when processes fail, there is no suitable ‘Plan B’. 

Forward Prediction Algorithms

Leverage Machine Learning to predict when jobs will complete.

Compute Orchestration

Orchestrate all processing, regardless of source, centrally.

Business Rules

Set priorities to determine best compute source based on configured rules.

Compute Normalisation

Normalise compute available from disparate sources.

Performance / Analytics Dashboard

Review and understand performance and compute usage.

Job Segmentation

Segment jobs intelligently for parallel, distributed processing or integrate a customized scheduler.

YellowDog in Action

Recorded live at Finovate Europe 2018, watch this demonstration to discover what YellowDog can do for Financial Services. Want to find out more?




Where are the Use Cases?

  • Improve Risk & Analytics – Increase complexity, decrease delivery time
  • Richer Data Analysis – widen data sources, make better decisions
  • Optimise Operational Efficiency – Machine Learning predicts task completion
  • Increase IT ROI – Work existing infrastructure harder, maximise hardware ROI

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Cloud Render Service

YellowDog gives studios and artists on demand access to industry leading computing power for CPU and GPU Cloud Rendering.

YellowDog securely packages, exports, and renders CGI for studios up and down the land – leveraging power from multiple cloud providers in multiple locations with ISO 27001 certification every step of the way. It sounds complicated, and it is, but some slick software, simple systems, and a talented team help to keep it easy for artists everywhere.


YellowDog is an Autodesk partner and provides unlimited Maya licensing for a simple workflow with fast turnaround render capability.

3ds Max

YellowDog is an Autodesk partner and provides unlimited 3ds Max licensing for a simple workflow with fast turnaround render capability.

Cinema 4D

YellowDog supports Maxon’s Cinema 4D (C4D) with both the C4D Physical engine and Redshift. Other custom pipeline support is available.


YellowDog is proud to partner with Foundry and supports Modo and V-Ray for Modo. Other custom pipeline integrations are available.


YellowDog’s industry leading GPU platform is perfect for Redshift pipelines. YellowDog has supported Redshift pipelines throughout numerous feature films and animations.


Chaos Group and YellowDog are proud partners. V-Ray is supported, as standard, with 3ds Max, Maya, and Modo pipelines.  Other custom pipleines are supported on request.

mental ray

Mental ray support was integrated with YellowDog in 2015. Unlimited licensing is available along with custom pipelines on request.


Popular with YellowDog’s Architectural Visualisation community, Corona, now part of the Chaos Group Family, has been supported by YellowDog since 2015.

Supported Software

Partnered with leading 3D rendering software creators including Autodesk, Maxon, Chaos Group, Redshift, Foundry and more, over 1500 studios in over 40 countries rely on YellowDog’s platform and people to guarantee CGI render delivery at a fixed price.

No more unreliable render farms or cloud providers, say ‘hello’ to trusty, studio friendly, YellowDog.

Find out more about Supported Software

Customised Integration

For larger studios, larger productions, or custom pipelines, below are a few ways that YellowDog makes it easier.

Naked YellowDog

This custom solution allows studios to access on demand, fixed price CPU and GPU without included licensing.

Central Asset Repository

Synchronising assets securely with YellowDog eliminates asset upload time. Ideal solution for heavy visual effects and long form.

Render Manager Integration

Custom integration that can be used with Standard YellowDog or Naked YellowDog for familiar pipeline workflows.

Location Designation

Location designation is made possible by YellowDog’s integrations with multiple cloud providers in multiple locations.

...and the rest

YellowDog’s expert sales, render wrangle, and technical teams are available to listen, advise, and develop where possible.


Below are just a few studios that render with YellowDog.

To find others, browse YellowDog’s case studies. 

Brown Bag Films

Brown Bag Films is an Emmy Award winning and multi- nominated Oscar and BAFTA nominated animation studio that creates some of the world’s best loved animation.


AECOM is ranked #1 in Transportation and General Building in Engineering New-Record’s 2018 “Top 500 Design Firms”. They visualise the world’s largest infrastructure projects.

Blue Zoo

Blue Zoo is a leading BAFTA award winning animation studio. They have produced some of the most well-loved kids shows on television.


Located in Montreal, nGenious studio embarked on their their first animated feature film rendered with Redshift and YellowDog’s Cloud Render Service.


PriestmanGoode is a global leader in aviation, transport, product and environment design. Their visualisation team work with the world’s most innovative companies.


YellowDog’s pricing is simple and honest. Get fixed render rates up front with no hidden charge for storage or data transfer. Dedicated, high specification, high performance machines that are yours and only yours for the duration of your render.

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Made with YellowDog

Get Started

If you’d like a helping hand, contact our team  and get a YellowDog account set up with full support and added free credit.    

Alternatively, you can be set-up and rendering within minutes with our automated free trial.


YellowDog believes there is already enough computer power in the world. But there is an imbalance between supply and demand.

Through its unique technology, YellowDog securely harnesses underutilised computer power, enabling organisations to deliver incredibly quickly and cost effectively, through leveraging this virtually unlimited power on demand.

It’s what the team at YellowDog call Limitless Compute.

There are multiple markets and applications. YellowDog has started with rendering CGI in the visual effects and 3D animation industry.

The next market YellowDog will address is financial services where its technology will help significantly accelerate the processing of analyses, risk and financial models, without the need for investment in more HPC clusters.

YellowDog is brilliant at batch processing high-CPU and high-GPU workloads.


Stress Testing

Ensuring stress tests always finish before the start of the working day. This enables trading begins at the start of each day rather than being delayed awaiting the finish of the tests.

Financial Modelling

More risk models can be run in the same time period leading to more precise modelled outcomes.

Advanced Engineering

Modelling for compliance tests.

Increased return on investment of existing capital equipment by running complex modelling on all the necessary existing server infrastructure.


Regression testing

Improve time to market by ensuring regression testing always finishes on time.

Extract Transform and Load

Reduce the cost implication of expanding and speeding up ETL processing by re-using existing server infrastructure before buying new servers.

Multiple Industries

Maximising capital investment.

Increase return on investment by fully utilising IT server infrastructure.

Overflow to secure public cloud.

Lower costs of public cloud use by efficiently bursting workloads to the right and most cost effective public cloud.

YellowDog’s unique technology securely harnesses and monetises under-utilised computer power.

Today, YellowDog is working with selected businesses in the UK so if you run a business and are interested in joining YellowDog’s Pack, please do get in touch.

Is it Secure?

You can rely 100% on YellowDog. Only work certified by YellowDog is able to run in the YellowDog application and all the artists’ files are always safely kept away from your own. The render jobs only ever exist in a temporary disk on your machines and is encrypted using the latest security technology.

Will it affect my machine?

YellowDog creates a temporary encrypted folder on your machine and only uses your machine’s processor and memory when the computer is not doing any other work. As well as being totally secure it also means that there’s no impact to your other services by installing YellowDog.

How much money can I make?

How much you earn depends on how many jobs you process and how quickly your computer can chew through them. A typical 16-core server that has an average utilisation of 15% would generate around £1,000 per year if YellowDog was to use it for the other 85% of the time. The average running costs are around £300.

How do I get paid?

You can decide whether to keep your rewards or to donate them to your chosen charity. When you sign up, we’ll ask you for either your bank account details or the name of your chosen good cause. Once we have your details, payments are made automatically each month.

How green is it?

We believe YellowDog is a very clean puppy. Until now, animators and 3D artists have had to use datacentres that need constant cooling to work – often doubling the amount of energy they use compared to the same job handled by YellowDog on your computer. So as well as creating great art, you’re also creating a low carbon paw print.