YellowDog’s unique technology securely harnesses and monetises under-utilised computer power.

Today, YellowDog is working with selected businesses in the UK so if you run a business and are interested in joining YellowDog’s Pack, please do get in touch.

Is it Secure?

You can rely 100% on YellowDog. Only work certified by YellowDog is able to run in the YellowDog application and all the artists’ files are always safely kept away from your own. The render jobs only ever exist in a temporary disk on your machines and is encrypted using the latest security technology.

Will it affect my machine?

YellowDog creates a temporary encrypted folder on your machine and only uses your machine’s processor and memory when the computer is not doing any other work. As well as being totally secure it also means that there’s no impact to your other services by installing YellowDog.

How much money can I make?

How much you earn depends on how many jobs you process and how quickly your computer can chew through them. A typical 16-core server that has an average utilisation of 15% would generate around £1,000 per year if YellowDog was to use it for the other 85% of the time. The average running costs are around £300.

How do I get paid?

You can decide whether to keep your rewards or to donate them to your chosen charity. When you sign up, we’ll ask you for either your bank account details or the name of your chosen good cause. Once we have your details, payments are made automatically each month.

How green is it?

We believe YellowDog is a very clean puppy. Until now, animators and 3D artists have had to use datacentres that need constant cooling to work – often doubling the amount of energy they use compared to the same job handled by YellowDog on your computer. So as well as creating great art, you’re also creating a low carbon paw print.