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The YellowDog Scheduler service is part of a suite of modules which constitute the YellowDog Platform. The module is the main route for all customers to set business rules which will determine where they want their jobs to be processed across both single or multiple compute sources. The processing destinations can be on premise or cloud or a combination of both and are configured through a simple, flexible and powerful interface.

The Scheduler Service can be hosted by YellowDog as part of the core hosted YellowDog service or be integrated in YellowDog’s on premise solutions. The service is also scalable; able to run in a cluster.

The YellowDog Scheduler service works alongside the YellowDog Compute service and is accessed via a clean, straightforward and secure API. In addition, YellowDog makes a Java SDK available to developers of 3rd party applications which can be directly integrated. This reduces the barriers for application developers to use YellowDog by reducing the time required to read detailed documentation and offering several helper methods for repetitive tasks such as creating work requirements.

The YellowDog Scheduler service allows users to configure a wide range of business rules to determine where the jobs can be processed. These include rules based on:

  • Technical considerations: OS, CPU or GPU, Memory size, Storage capabilities.
  • Location and cost considerations: processing on-premise or in cloud, processing in locations with minimal latency.
  • Data sovereignty considerations: Jobs can only be processed on-premise or in certain locations due to data security or regulatory requirements.

In addition to defining rules, customers must specify the images to use via the YellowDog Image Registry Service. The service allows customers to maintain an inventory of images to be used for job processing across multiple public and private clouds.

For more information, contact: or +44 (0) 330 223 2499

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