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The YellowDog Forward Prediction Analytics service is part of a suite of modules which constitute the YellowDog Platform. The Forward Prediction Analytics service (FPA) offers prediction on how long jobs will take to complete and prediction of the likelihood of failure of these jobs. The service employs Machine Learning and YellowDog’s proprietary algorithms to deliver these features.

The FPA Service can be hosted by YellowDog as part of the core hosted YellowDog service or be integrated in YellowDog’s on premise solutions. The service is also scalable; able to run in a cluster.

In common with other YellowDog services, the FPA service exposes both a Java SDK and Rest API with endpoints to support Job Process Prediction queries and Model Training. The Job Process Prediction algorithm is expected to return results within a few seconds, with some results being returned in milliseconds. The Model Re-Trainer will need to be run periodically depending on implementation. Once complete, the “old” model will be deprecated and replaced with the newly trained model.

The service, by generating accurate predictions, provides the following benefits:

  • Providing users with predictions of when their job requests will finish.
  • Providing users with predictions on the likelihood of failure of their jobs, allowing lead-time to react accordingly.
  • Providing more efficient billing to customers who use your services.
  • Improved efficiency of the management of day-to-day compute resources.
  • Assisting in planning for busy periods, including the option of bursting workloads to the cloud.
  • More effective scheduling and prioritisation of jobs.

For more information, contact:, or  +44 (0) 330 223 2499

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