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Follow the below steps to create your YellowDog account, install, use, and make the most of The YellowDog Platform for multi-cloud rendering.

Step 1

Create a YellowDog Account

Step 2

Click the activation link in the email. Go to The YellowDog Platform and enter your contact and billing details.

Step 3

Download and Install YellowDog File Sync

Step 4

Run YellowDog File Sync and login to your account using the same credentials as when you created your YellowDog account.

Step 5

Close any open 3D software packages.

Step 6

In YellowDog File Sync, navigate to the ‘Software Tab’ and click install against any plugins available.

Step 7

Open a scene that you’d like to render in your 3D render software

Step 8

Ensure that your render settings are correct

Step 9

Export the scene to the YellowDog platform using the YellowDog Plugin

Step 10

In The YellowDog Platform, add servers to your account by pressing the Add Servers button. You’ll need to add some billing details at this point to make sure the invoices are correct.

Step 11

Pay for the servers you require with a credit or debit card.

Step 12

If your job has not already started automatically, click New Job’ and ‘Start’. Your dedicated render servers will be allocated to your job – be patient as the machines can take a few minutes to be assigned and working on your shots.

Step 13

As frames are rendered, they will automatically be downloaded by YellowDog Sync, or you can download them individually from the web interface.

Step 14

Once the full job is completed, you will be emailed a notification.

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