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YellowDog Platform Questions

Is YellowDog Secure?

Yes. YellowDog is ISO 27001 : 2013 approved for the provision of cloud rendering and batch processing services. YellowDog is also accredited by ISE (Independent Security Experts) who audit technology companies on behalf of clients such as Disney. In ISE’s April 2019 audit of YellowDog, they were unable to compromise the platform with pen tests.

Can I remotely access servers purchased through the YellowDog Platform?

To maintain the security of YellowDog across the entire customer estate, studios cannot access the servers directly. Full render analytics are available in The YellowDog Platform.

If you require support for your job, please contact our support team at 

Does YellowDog support GPU rendering?

Yes Login to The YellowDog Platform to see machine specifications available with YellowDog Full Service.

Contact the YellowDog Render team on for more details or find out what software ‘Full Service YellowDog’ supports here.

What software, render engines, and plugins do you support?

YellowDog Select Service supports any render software. YellowDog Full Service supports 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, Modo, V-Ray, mental ray, Corona, Redshift and more. For the full list, go to the supported software list.

Does YellowDog ever run out of power?

YellowDog’s multi-cloud Platform never runs out of power because of multiple integrations with multiple leading Cloud providers. In 2018, one customer project required us to scale to be benchmarked as the 8th fastest supercomputer in the world.

Does YellowDog have an API?

Yes. Contact the YellowDog Render Team for more information.

Where is data stored?

Scene files are stored in secure data centres, operated by vetted public cloud providers, in zero-carbon data centres that are typically ISO 27001 certified.

If you have specific storage location requests, YellowDog can alter the solution to your requirements.


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