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YellowDog downloads each frame as a zipped file as soon as they complete in order for the studio to view the files as quickly as possible. When a studio downloads the completed job from the web portal, they have a single zip that contains a zip file for each frame completed.

However, sometimes a studio may prefer to have all the files extracted into a single folder to make viewing an animation easier. Outlined here are the steps to do this within MacOS.

To collate the files:

Step 1:  Open a Terminal window by navigating to Applications/Utilities/Terminal, or by typing ‘terminal’ into the desktop search bar.

Step 2: In Finder, navigate to the folder containing the zip files you need to open. Open it on screen next to the Terminal window.

Step 3: In Terminal type ‘cd[space]’ and then drag & drop the relevant containing folder from Finder onto Terminal (in the example shown this is the folder labelled ‘15333’). You should see the full file path appear. Press Return.

Step 4:  In Terminal now type ‘unzip \*.zip’ and press Return. All of the enclosed zip folders should now unarchive into the containing folder.

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