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It is possible to submit jobs to YellowDog that contain broken .lxo references that are able to be rendered locally, due to the way Modo stores links.

Breaking references

Links to .lxo references are most commonly broken by the file path or file name being changed. If this has happened and the scene is reopened you will see a ‘File Not Found’ popup.

However, if the scene is already open while the link is broken, or the file is repathed but then not saved, then the reference .lxo cannot be exported to YellowDog. This is the case even though the scene may be able to be rendered locally without issue.


When attempting to export you should see a ‘Confirm YellowDog Service’ popup. Do not ignore this even if the scene renders locally. The easiest solution is to cancel the export, save your scene, and re-open to trigger the pop-up mentioned above to re-link your references

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